I wasn’t listened to.

Justicequilt-187 Just back from attending the 13th NNDR conference in Bergen, I’ve  picked up the OCC investigation into LB’s death (that came like a hammer blow a few weeks ago).  This is something I naively hoped we could just say ‘Er, please bin it. It’s a pile of (harrowing) shite.’ It turns out we need to detail the inaccuracies in it. An awful, time consuming and beyond unacceptable task.

Tonight the tears started on p5. A summary of the complaint I made to Sloven after LB was admitted to the unit in March 2013. A summary of five of the points that the complaint made and the shonky responses to it. 0cc4 But there weren’t five points. There were six.

12.4.13 My email to the social care director: image On 15.4.13, the Sloven complaints person sent me this email and I responded, the same day, again flagging up the sixth point. image 0cc20 Prophetic words and dripping irony. I wasn’t listened to. The seriousness of the situation was not appreciated. I wasn’t listened to in making the complaint either. Clearly. And OCC deliberately didn’t listen in writing this craphole ‘report’ based on half truths and inaccuracies.

Which bit of ‘our beautiful son is dead because you arrogant, bullying, dismissive bastards refused to listen’ don’t you get? And why the fuck am I having to endure this soul destroying task?

5 thoughts on “I wasn’t listened to.

  1. Sara, I feel for you really I do, but you must do this. Challenge inaccuracies as soon as you are aware of them, this is how it is, there is no mercy. Only you can say whether you can bring yourself to do anymore. I am quitting ten days short of two years because I have had enough, I have consumed approx. £84k worth of taxpayers funds in that time with a truly shocking piece of tat produced by the PHSO. The GMC inform me my case will statically be closed or closed with advice (after a full investigation). The trust has implemented an action plan. I tried to correct every inaccuracy in documentation as and when I became aware of it, the workload was enormous and I naively never thought it would fall to me or that so many flawed documents would be in circulation. I hope you have someone willing and able to support you but I know there comes a time when you just want to spare the rest of your family by not involving them x

  2. I’m so sorry. This is what they do, it’s not big, it’s not clever and in fact it’s mid bogglingly cruel but I guess it ‘works’ for them and it’s a result for them when they managed to grind people into the dirt until they can’t get up again.

    Please try and stay strong for as long as you can.

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