Sparrowhawk Art…? Wow.

10269535_300807743417634_2373895719301392285_nHave been a bit out for the count over past days. Having to go through the OCC ‘report’ and detail inaccuracies at the weekend was a particularly low point (I know). Even within a (publicly accountable) system we now know comes stamped with ‘shite, delay, more shite, a shedload more delay and shite. Then wait for more shite’ there are clearly further depths to be mined. How can this possibly be?

So much going on that I lost sight of the magic for a bit. This has been restored by writing labels this evening for the extravaganza that is planned at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, on Monday 18 May. Live at LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts). A skin of the teeth jobby in terms of organisation in some ways (on our part), but one clearly soaked up and embraced by the organisers.

Sparrowhawk Art. Sparrowhawk Art? Wow.

On display will be the remarkably diverse, random (typically bus related) art, objects and artefacts relating to the #JusticeforLB campaign and #107days. These have been sent to Lancaster (and the careful hands I hope of Chris Hatton, the driving force behind this exhibition), in various ramshackle parcels from Oxford, Devon and Yorkshire.

Rosie was given the task of sending two boxes of stuff last week after I ran out of time forgot to send them before going to Norway. She forged a good working relationship with the local post office in a collective and humorous rising to the challenge of sending a range of stuff, including breakables, effectively and cost efficiently. A week earlier, wonderful mates/work colleagues stepped up, stepped in and packaged textile art and other treasures for another successful transfer. Meanwhile, the iconic Glastonbury flag and Postcards of Awesome also made their way to Lancaster University via George Julian and Dan Goodley. The Justice quilt already on display there.

Just wow.

I won’t give too much away for now. The labels alone – the telling of the story of a remarkable social movement arising through what happened and the heartwarming and collective response to that happening – are, in themselves, a form of documentary.

I will say that the exhibition will be extraordinary. And a panel discussion is being held at 3pm with Graham, My Life My Choice, Dominic Slowie, NHS England (remotely), George Julian, Janet Read, Imogen Tyler and Chris Hatton.

And tea, coffee, snacks and a pop up bar.


2 thoughts on “Sparrowhawk Art…? Wow.

  1. any chance you can post a little video of the exhibition ? here on the blog , for the can’t travels ( for what ever reason ) It would be great for would be supporters to have an overview if they are housebound by and large.

    • Hi Nic, we’ll certainly do something, that’s a fab suggestion. (Thanks also for your other posts here. I absorb them all, along with all the others and feel they are so important in making visible the atrocious practices that go on). 🙂

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