Going global and getting it

In a week in which the Justice Shed was rocked by the police decision not to put a case to the Crown Prosecution Service, there were some brighter moments. Internationally. Katherine Runswick Cole and Dan Goodley spent a chunk of last week flying the LB flag in Australia. They were at the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Sydney for various activities including a symposium on institutional disablism and workshop about the value of self-advocacy.


Katherine then went on to New Zealand to meet with The Family Network and University of Otago, School of Education, where she shared the platform with Paul Gibson, the New Zealand Disability Rights Commissioner (pictured third from left below). And continued the tradition of LB flag flying brilliantly. Seriously. Did anyone imagine the symbolism, reach and resilience of this wondrous piece of cloth?


The international spread of #JusticeforLB continues next week as Rich and I head for the Society for the Study of Social Problems annual conference in Chicago. A resolution proposed by Mark Sherry about LB’s death was agreed at last years conference. As Mark wrote to me at the time:

Sara, there were hundreds of people involved in motion. It went to a Directors (or Chairs) meeting, before it went to the general assembly. There were some minor ammendments, and people wanted elaboration, but it eventually passed unanimously. I was very moved, I left that session close to tears. There are good people in the world. I will scan it and send the entire resolution to you. But the massive outcome is this: “Be it further resolved that SSSP add a special session at our next conference in honor of Connor Sparrowhawk. The session will ensure that the issue continues to be discussed into the following year, with scholars examining the social problem further”.

And it is. Next Friday morning.

Among the horror, incredulity, uncertainty and and intense relentlessness of trying to gain justice and accountability from publicly accountable bodies in England, so many people, groups and organisations get it so blinking right.

Solidarity. As simple as.


2 thoughts on “Going global and getting it

  1. All this global interest in justice for LB shames the mealy mouthed responses given by our MPS to the LBBill in Parliament.

    Maybe, just maybe they will realise that your supporters are not going away.

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