Preparing for your child’s inquest

    • Is possibly one of the saddest tasks ever
    • Truth, justice and accountability fought for in a process with unimaginable physical and emotional impact
    • Enormous financial cost
    • And so far from guaranteed

Don’t ever tell me this is an inquisitorial process.


13 thoughts on “Preparing for your child’s inquest

  1. Our state’s aim, is to eventually have, all court processes ‘inquisitorial’.

    In the past 10 years, the civil courts, are effectively so, by costs penalties, Jackson costs, no win no fee, and, unavailability of legal aid.

    On the back of legal aid cuts, and, the end of an independent bar and solicitor profession, even the criminal courts, will soon be, with jury dispensed with, and state experts.

    Coroner’s court invariably, once, had jury verdicts, now rare.

    The Care, and Courts of Protection, are not only inquisitorial, but in secret.

    Though this, makes little difference now, as all media, is effectively on message, and gagged.

    In these courts, adults lose their liberty for ever, and, parents their children.

    On ‘evidence’, both social worker, and expert, that is paid for out of public funds, and never tested.

    Fact finding exercises are rarely, if ever pursued, so any allegation, is accepted as proven, simply, because the state make it.

    Human Rights Act rights to family life, and, a fair hearing, are ignored.

    Therefore, the individual, is left at the mercy of that state, who can enforce, whatever policy they want, to make maximum private profit, for private state care, £3,500 a week, and adoption agencies, minimum £28,000 adoption fee.

    All experts, lawyers and courts, ( soon to be privatised), feed into this cabal, producing streams of documents, which, supposedly support their inquisitorial process, and,effectively cover up, and whitewash state failings, and, further state policy, and, are never tested, nor, even sometimes read.

    All, is a tick boxed process, even in the face, of the blatant truth, that says the opposite, or, any proof that adoption is in a child’s ‘welfare’, or state encagement, an adult’s ‘best interests’.

    There is, no independent voice, the victim, abused, killed, or, family, cannot, and do not have one.

  2. thinking of you and yours, no experience of this terrible ordeal. Is this the moment they turn on the perceived weakest of their own? Brace yourself x

  3. For you, Sara, and for LB’s family and friends, it’s already a, Alice in Wonderland proceeding, isn’t it? Sentence first – verdict afterwards. You’ve already served 26 months of a life stretch, before the inquest has yet properly started; and you will never, ever get early release, no matter how impeccable your behaviour.

    All completely the wrong way round. Back-to-front justice: more like Looking-Glass-Cluedo.

  4. how utterly brutal of them not to come with their palm showing after all this time. The LB’s inquest feed is invaluable. They may have well just shoved you in a broom cupboard and called you a gobby bitch. Many would have fallen by now, please let it be known if funds are needed for extra legal hours between now and October, finish this with these devils own for those who will follow unless justice prevails..Love to all especially you because you are being vilified , filthy swines.

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