The final frontier

L1016083-2These last few weeks have been (particularly) battering. Sloven have revealed ‘their hand’ as documentation is circulated in advance of LB’s inquest. Despite glossy (meaningless) words in the Independent on Sunday, they continue to hold their (battle) ground.

Six members of staff now have separate legal representation. Six? Four of these are currently ‘properly interested parties’ along with Sloven and us. Interested parties can ask questions during the inquest. There will be eight sets of legal bods present. Wow. How will the tiny, wooden courtroom, described by John Lish, accommodate everyone?

I pretty much stopped working today. Sadly. It’s impossible to read the reports/interviews/documentation and continue to ‘work’. The emotional distress is too intense. We’ve been catapulted back to that space between LB’s death and his do. A space that defies words. This afternoon I slept. This morning we talked with a journalist. Re-living horror. And hearing further horror. Learning disabled people are simply treated with unchallenged (and accepted) contempt. Over and over again.

Our experience over the past two years can be summarised as harrowing grief, devastation, disbelief and destruction with repeated, unremitting and remorseless (hobnailed) booting by Sloven/OCC. Neither body has expressed a drop of positive action, candour or transparency. Fake apologies and dirty actions. Remarkable really.

In contrast, people have collectively recognised, rallied, raged and stepped up. A sort of maelstrom of creativity, colour, brightness, spontaneity, humour, life and humanity. Even more remarkable. [Thank goodness]

I hope we manage to retain some ‘sanity’ during the unfolding of this long awaited and deeply dreaded process. We’ve nothing to gain in many ways. LB is dead. That ain’t going to change. Answers? Within the boxes of documentation/reviews stacking up it’s pretty clear what happened and why. There’s no need for the inquest to be adversarial. With eight legal teams and the rows of ducks lined up, I can’t see it being anything else.

15 thoughts on “The final frontier

  1. So wish this didn’t have to be like this…amazed you have kept your sanity to date but you are one tough cookie and you will get through this torture…There are many of us “virtually” holding your hand xxx

  2. An enquiry to Southern Health is what do you stand to gain from an adversarial approach to the inquest. You know you did wrong, you know your staff did wrong, you have acknowledged it publicly, and yet you plan to spend time and tax payers’ money on defending yourselves at the inquest. Why? Surely better to seek to regain a shred of your reputation by accepting fault, and using the money you would save to invest in staff, training, a whole lot of things, anything but this. As a taxpayer I object very strongly to the misuse of public funds for a pointless defence of your record. You have absolutely nothing to gain, and you are going to inflict yet more pain and hurt on Connor’s family. Why?

  3. Sara once again I can’t find words to say what I feel apart from that we all live in hope that your son and family get justice and soon. I see exactly what you refer to in the situations I have become involved with. There is no one to help families. They have to rely on the goodwill of others to support them against the machine. They are lied about and humiliated and left devastated with decisions that they have no part in making. They have to watch their children being set upon and are powerless when they are wrestled to the ground and held in potential death inducing restraints. They are blamed and side lined. This has to stop and my wish Is that your justice for LB will send the biggest shock waves ever across the system. That’s my hope. To say take care is probably meaningless to you but do whatever you can to protect yourself physically and mentally from these people and the forthcoming ordeal.

  4. I work in care, looking after adults with learning disabilities. Never doubt the POSITIVE influence that your struggle has had on families and carers alike. It would be an invaluable training tool to have someone with your experience speak to carers like myself. Sometimes we can lose touch with simply being one human being helping another human being. I hope you and your family find the peace that we, as human beings, possess within us.

    • Jan

      Parents like Sara have willingly offered up their lives and displayed their sores for years. Years of energy and generosity from people who should receive support and praise, rather than give even more of themselves. They give it for their children and for other disabled people.

      Mums and dads have turned up over and over to tell their story, without a glitch in behaviour or in the terrible wrongs and neglects imposed on vulnerable people like Connor; by the people paid to care and protect them.

      No justice ever and no change in in these ward facing cultures. Nil accountability while dodgy Governance is turned inside out to become an Alice in Wonderland like delusion – a fire wall of blinkered offended tax funded defended….. aggression.

      Group/mass delusion starts at the top, is protected from the top. History has shown this over and over and by then too many totally innocent people have died.

  5. you managed to lift the lid on the cesspit that has existed for families seeking justice for years probably decades when you could have just fought for your own. To be bereaved of a child under any circumstances is heartbreaking, to have to fight for accountability for years after is as unnatural an experience, you and yours need peace x

  6. Dear Sara
    I am contacting you because I would like to talk – I understand that this is a very stressful time. I am also about to start an inquest process – my sibling died whilst in a mental health facility of pneumonia.
    I was blogging about my concerns before their death.
    I have been directed to your blog by my lawyer.
    I just don’t really know what I’m doing, what to do, which way to move and wondered if you would be able to give me some advise.
    Sorry to ask things from you at this time.

    • Hi Ellie,
      Sorry about your sib.. If s/he was in a secure unit you could contact INQUEST. They are hugely helpful (on our way there now). Otherwise, make sure you get every bit of documentation, an ace lawyer and I would document the process publicly (not names or finer details). Suspect it’s the only way these bastards will learn. (You may be told you can’t say anything before the inquest but that ain’t true).

      Prepare for a long and tortuous journey, and share the load as much as you can.

    • Please blog about your experiences. Only through publicity & a window being opened on their practices can things change.

      Sorry for your loss.

  7. Fight the good fight Sara with the knowledge that so many right minded people are lined up behind you. Brave and fearless and yet so vulnerable, but you have truth on your side. They (Slovern) have only arse covering lies to fight with.

  8. Even down under in New Zealand we are thinking of you with a mix of great sadness that the battle scars are so deep but also with hope for justice ‘Kia Kaha’

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