RiO Fantastic and the Fit and Proper Person test

3 October 2013 John Stagg
image (7)
24 February 2014 Katrina Percy
image (9)
28 September 2015 Jennifer Dolman (by courier)
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2 October 2013 Jennifer Dolman (by courier)

More records not scanned onto RiO due to human error. Deeply sorry and will review processes… Can’t be arsed to photograph.

9 thoughts on “RiO Fantastic and the Fit and Proper Person test

  1. RiO, the electronic patient record system.
    They only paid for the cheaper version (initially, I hope they have upgraded)
    Things like letters or documents received or created cannot be scanned in. So each patient also has a ‘secondary paper record’
    When RiO was introduced most of the computers were running such old software and did not have the RAM to run it that well. The computers took staff away from patients, there were not enough to use.
    I hope you have been given the ‘secondary paper record’

    • I was a patient for 14 years.
      While RiO was introduced ‘back office’ low paid admin staff who used to keep the paper and older electronic records uptodate were redeployed, retired, redundant.
      Clinicians had to do all their own record entry.
      I’m not against this, but not every clinician is IT confident.
      As a patient I would rather have more face to face time, with an IT knowledgeable admin assistant entering data more accurately in the correct place in the electronic record!

      A forensic IT specialist would be able to retrieve all the updates and edits to the records with the time and date stamps.

      I wonder if any of your followers have this skill.

      I have no knowledge of current RiO.

  2. That is what I don’t understand, about Subject Access Requests, or ordered court disclosures.

    Surely, the requested party, could just, as here, not validate it ,on a computer, or, hide documents, they do not want to disclose, in a secret file.

    How on earth would anyone know, unless, as I assume here, there was a system of records that were kept and therefore known to be missing.

  3. They’re “incredibly sorry” 24 Feb 2014 and also again 28 Sept 2015… one would almost think they have a list of phrases to be used as more and more shamefully shoddy miscommunication and human errors come to light… 18months on and KP’s changes to RiO procedures still failing to produce ALL notes. One can only wonder and worry at how records are actually used/tracked/stored in the clinical setting. Disgraceful.

    Sending strength to you for this ongoing horrific struggle.

  4. So sad but sadly not at all surprised to read of this latest letdown. One day managers, administrators and the board of such units will have to be held accountable. It is important to hold both clinical and all non clinical staff accountable. Such apparently incompetent and possibly illegal failure to fully disclose must eventually be seen as symptomatic of all that has happened before. Does your team have time to delve properly into the new information? How can one now be sure that there is now full disclosure?

  5. what a shower of incompetents , surely to God one person should take control of this and make sure every detail is recorded , and procedures 100%followed correctly , and stop inflicting more pain on a family . So incredibly sad.

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