7 thoughts on “An inquest album

  1. Bloomin’ bloody brilliant family. Bless you all. Lady Sara…….I hope they felt every word.

    A family with real values. Brave, loving, honest, open, a loyal family. And blessings to the other brilliant TEAM, who behaved and shared those values; all the people who supported them and took them so competently and caringly to justice.

    Bless you all for climbing for so long across a dung heap, for justice for Connor . And for my son and all the other sons and daughters and their mums and dads who did not make it across.

    The truth at last.

    To the people who caused this AVOIDABLE AGONY. SHAME ON YOU.

  2. Lady Sara, what a gorgeous mum you are. What a loyal loving honest and open family you have. What a team. To the people who supported so competently and so caringly, thank you ……for we families now have hope.

    To the people who put you all through this AVOIDABLE agony.


  3. Sara, love the photos. Typically none of you, but remember, I have your first selfie! The photos of the jury room don’t do justice to the particular fug – nay, pong – after two weeks of fast food (stand up Tom), but do catch the real sense of anguish, drama, tension and, finally, relief when it was all over. Paul x

  4. the praying in the caves post was hilarious, that won’t sound right but it was and such an antidote to the apprehension of reading the brutal live feed( impossible to imagine hearing the sworn evidence at all let alone be physically in the same room ) LB’s giggles and raised eyebrows such a joy on the last day and then seen later opening the news coverage of the verdict. You/your family and team have put the bar back where it should always have been . Everyone trusts to specialist health services in their hour of need I am so sorry they failed LB and your family and put you through hell. Peace for the future x

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