Is someone having a laugh?

Another failed CQC inspection for a unit on the Slade House site (across from the (now closed) Short Term Assessment and Treatment unit in which LB died) this week. Nah. 824* days after LB died and Sloven still can’t provide a service worthy of the (at least) £3500 per week they are paid to look after each of the four patients? Surely not.

This was a re-inspection, the unit having failed to reach adequate standards in August 2014. And, on return, in August 2015, the inspectors found failings. Still. They found understaffing, inadequate record keeping, a lack of supervision and lack of leadership. The care provided was of a good standard, it’s the processes and leadership that are failing. One professional said;

as a service they seem very focused, but I don’t think they are helped by what goes on above them, it just doesn’t really seem to know what’s happening.

Nah. That couldn’t be clearer. Sloven are simply shite when it comes to learning disability provision. We all know that. It’s been demonstrated in the various investigations into LB’s death over the past two years. They are all PR, shiny awards, faddy nonsense and wasting big bucks on novelty crap.What’s it going to take for someone/organisation to step in and do something??

Meanwhile, Oxfordshire County Council (who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery clearly) have extended the contract for Sloven services in Oxfordshire for another two years. To enable a safe transition to new service providers. No idea what they were doing between early 2014 when they decided to pull the plug on the Sloven contract and now. Arsing around commissioning and responding to a craphole ‘independent’ report to contribute to the ‘toxic mother collective‘, led by Dr M, Dr Crapshite and Anon (ex-commissioner) perhaps.

Oxfordshire County Council are stumping up enormous sums of cash for flaky provision. My brain melted when I read that understaffing meant the on call staff member was up to 40 minutes away for emergency overnight medication provision but generic emergency services were nearby. £3500 a week?

Is it all just a joke? All talk, no improvement and a group of patients whose lives simply don’t matter? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

image (14)

*I counted the days this morning when I realised I’ve woken every morning since LB died thinking about him.

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