That old devil called Mazars again

Heard this afternoon that there is more delay around the publication of the Mazars death review because now the completeness of the data the investigation team used is being questioned. There has already been an independent academic review of the methodology used but this review didn’t cover the completeness of the data. Ho hum.

Three or four weeks ago I wrote about the completely different treatment NHS England have meted out to the second review they commissioned, Verita 2, which had holes in its methodology you could post a tanker through (and, not surprisingly, uncontroversial conclusions depending on which side of the professional divide you sit). That review was published in a blink with minimal apparent scrutiny.

The Mazars review (unless a whole new set of data is suddenly found in some dark and dusty corner somewhere) has far reaching, harrowing and deeply serious implications and will (or certainly should) lead to swift and urgent action. It shines a light on beyond shameful practices and beyond the walls of the Sloven empire clearly demonstrates how the government response so far to the evidence we have of the premature deaths of a certain group of people is insubstantial frippery. Just tinkering round the edges while people continue to die and are swept aside. Carelessly.

It also shows how buckets full of courage are needed to effectively challenge systemic crap and that Mazars may be that rare beast. An independent organisation conducting truly independent, independent reviews.


5 thoughts on “That old devil called Mazars again

  1. The sound of people craping themselves at Sloven Towers from the mere thought of a truly independent investigation can be heard from here.

  2. Bring it on! One of the TV channels and Newspapers currently looking at the gagging practice I have and am witnessing. Sara what are your feelings about talking to them or is it something you will do separately. The whole thing just stinks.

  3. Sara your fight for justice for Connor has been long and hard and painful for you and yours and it should, in an ideal world, lead to genuine transparency from Sloven, OCC and any other organization which has an input into the lives of people with LD. However, it seems from the responses you have had from the powers that be is that they still cannot quite get it. They prefer to see ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ as words written down in a PR driven best practice document, rather than actually doing it.

  4. I understand that the Information Commissioner is auditing (or is about to start auditing) this NHS Trust’s compliance with The Data Protection Act 1998. From this (and earlier posts), it appears there have been serious information governance failings in Conor’s case too – even just prior to the Inquest.

    Now it appears there is even more delay in the publication of the Mazars review because someone is questioning the completeness of data used by the investigation team. This implies sloppy information governance procedures too.

    I would suggest Sara (and anyone else with information governance issues at this Trust) write direct to the Commissioner (enclosing evidence) and ask him to pass it to his audit team:

    Mr Christopher Graham
    Information Commissioner
    Information Commissioner’s Office
    Wycliffe House Water Lane
    SK9 5AF

    Unlike most Chief Executives in the health and social care sectors, Mr Graham often replies personally. (Don’t be tempted to go through the call centre!)

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