4 thoughts on “A review of the review of the review…

  1. Sara would it be possible to collate all the cases where the families of vulnerable adults have been treated as the “enemy” (or toxic) by the authorities?

  2. It would be possible but would take a considerable amount of time and effort to research. It is highly unlikely that a freedom of information request would succeed: the Trust would defend it robustly and they probably don’t record such incidents anyway. With luck, the Mazars report might say something about this – we can only hope.

  3. We’re another family been treated badly by management. We’re in the process of complaint so won’t put my name as I fear sloven will push up further out when they realise we WILL stand up against them. Just need to get current situation sorted soon.

  4. To anon

    Unfortunately, Sloven will. “Push up further out” when they realise you will stand up against them. They simply are incapable of dealing with “formidably energetic complainants” [to paraphrase Dr Julian Lewis MP]. That was his description of me and I have been fighting them for over 4 years: indeed had SHNFT executives learned from my experience, subsequent preventable/avoidable/
    unnecessary deaths might have been avoided.
    You will find Dr Lewis’s opinion of Sloven by googling ‘Hansard’ 18 Apr 2012 : Column 79WH. I concur.
    If you are able to leave a comment at https://999crash.wordpress.com/, I would be please to assist and contact you direct. The blog is still under development but you can still leave a message.

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