What a difference a day makes…

Blimey. A right old trudge across pain filled terrain. Dotted with regular state sanctioned batterings. For over two years. Patches, drops and buckets of brilliance along the way in the shape of #JusticeforLB. Thank goodness.

And then yesterday. The Mazars death review leaked to the BBC. Less than 24 hours later a 35 minute debate in the House of Commons. Heidi Alexander, Shadow Health Minister, putting an Urgent Question to Jeremy Hunt. Love her. He ducked some answers and answered some unasked questions. The review methodology was sorted.

Sloven trended on twitter. Katrina Percy and senior colleagues went into hiding. NHS England left an out of office ‘publication by Christmas’ message. More than a 1000 families left hanging.

We’ve lived with the Mazars findings for a few months now. A report that, once read, leaves you in a space in which sense making is impossible. This is clear from the response to the tiny slice of it offered by Michael Buchanan’s excellent coverage. Debates in both the Commons and Lords earlier today demonstrate remarkable and unusual cross party concern, horror and engagement.

Sloven’s entrenched and ludicrous ‘it wasn’t us guv’ position compounds the seriousness of the findings.

BBC Breakfast coverage this morning included a video clip of LB, aged around 6, tangled up in his duvet. Peeking, cheeking and oozing happiness.

We’ve chatted a lot about what he would think about these latest developments. As we do. He’d have probably found the media coverage and parliamentary debates fascinating and important. Repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) asking ‘Has the Mazars review been published, mum?’ and ‘Why not, mum?’

I don’t know what I’d have said to him, back in the day. I’d have probably dredged up some explanation/excuse and fobbed him off. Explained the delay away.

Now I’d say ‘Because they can and they do.’


16 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes…

  1. Still reeling from events and avidly watching the news. You have been inspirational, as always. Let’s hope the much needed shake up takes place so changes can happen…

    • I believe that we should be campaigning now for a full public inquiry into Sloven similar to the Mid Staffs inquiry – preferably led by the same person – Sir Robert Francis QC. It is necessary because fault does not lie just with Sloven – it lies with all those who turned a blind eye to its conduct – INCLUDING NHS ENGLAND. Dr Stuart Ward of NHS England (Wessex) responded to my efforts to report Sloven with an offensive letter, including the following tirade:

      “We have no alternative but to decline further contact with you either in person,
      by telephone, by fax, by text, by email, by letter or any combination of these
      regarding this issue.”

      I made a complaint about Dr Ward to Simon Stevens nearly 12 months ago: his own office, having signed for it, lost it (how’s that for security of NHS data?) so I sent a copy. I am still waiting for a reply. There should be many NHS bureaucrats sleeping uneasily it their beds – like Mid Staffs, responsibility for this disaster does not end with SHNFT’s own management.

        • Will do it. My MP (Dr Julian Lewis MP) had concerns about Sloven even before he heard of my case – google Hansard 18 Apr 2012 : Column 79W – you will find a parliamentary debate about Sloven and learn of their “slippery” methods and “the Trust that could not be trusted.” He has been campaigning for 3.5 years and me for 4. I called his secretary yesterday: he is ‘on the job’ already and, I suspects, feels as vindicated as me.

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  3. The inspiration of people, and your son Conner, is a continuing and building energy even Sloven cannot contain. Suddenly other people are seeing what lies, lies, lies beneath the gloss of management speak to the lack of real care in the so called ‘leadership’. I’ve been doing care treatment reviews as an expert by experience and seen people transform when treated with respect, dignity and as equal human beings.

    Thank you for your posts they keep us centred on people. Thank you to Conner for his smile and inspiration.

    My heart aches for us all

    With love


    Philip Robbins e: phil@rowrowrow.co.uk http://www.philrobbins.co.uk 07930821119

  4. Long wait for this bittersweet moment….Don’t know how you have managed to get this far but know why and maybe that’s the answer! You are an inspiration and hope your determination and steel will provides a true catalyst for change. Hope you will allow yourself a moment to wear your smile the right way up (with the correct colour lippy of course!) x

    • The web of responsibility and accountability is a very incestuous one.
      NHS organisations and LA’s have developed a range of techniques to block and intimidate away incompetence, mistakes and issues. Heartbroken families whose loved one died or families through 1000% vigilance and or luck ‘avoid’ death of a loved one, are traumatised and too grief stricken to challenge power protected incompetence. Boasted lack of complaints is a measure of the above, not a measure of excellence. Massive unremitting deaf blind abusive power, ridicule and parent blame, has been used against Sara and her family. Only Sara who is a Goliath, and her family know at what cost to them, but we families who suffered and lost owe them more than words can illustrate.
      LA’s place vulnerable people any where. And walk away.
      LA’s commission the cheapest contracts, and don’t care a jot about how well or safely the agency carers care. Agencies contracts cut to the financial bone, have a profit to find, and hire any one and do not monitor anything other than zero hour time sheets. LA’s only care for the bottom line.
      And assess a below minimum of safe care satisfactory for our vulnerable sons and daughters.

      Shame on them all. The actual account of neglect and worse of the most vulnerable in society is massive, and is a shameful abuse of POWER.
      LA’s and NHS, and the silent charities who take the LA/NHS shilling in our name; the commissioners and commissioned all abuse POWER – all carry guilt; all passing responsibility on like a toxic parcel.

      ‘Not me guv’s all around ?

  5. The provider misses the key points and treats its staff with contempt in an attempt to fudge what then issues are. The rot is at the top.

    From: Southern Health Communications

    10 December 2015
    Update for staff on the leaked draft independent review commissioned by NHS England
    We want to take the opportunity to update you on the leaked draft independent review, commissioned by NHS England, and the events which have followed this. We have since received a high level of media attention yesterday and today and expect this level of media coverage to continue for the foreseeable future.

    This media coverage is not a reflection on the hard work, compassion and dedication you bring in providing care to the people who use our services. We understand this is a particularly difficult time and appreciate that you are working in a challenging environment. We are extremely proud of the work you all do.

    At the point of writing this, NHS England has not given a formal date of when the final copy of this independent review will be published, but as soon as we are made aware of this date we will let you know.

    You may have seen the media coverage and have some concerns, particularly if you are front line staff dealing directly with the people who use our services and their families. The report in the media is not about the quality of care we provide. It is about the way we investigated, reviewed and recorded deaths of the people that we supported who had a mental health problem or learning disability between April 2011 and March 2015. There is always more we can do to improve and we will be looking closely at the recommendations within the final review to help us do this.

    What to do if you are a member of staff needing additional support
    If you are a member of staff who is affected by any of the content within the leaked review or by anything that may be reported in the media, please make sure you speak to your manager or please contact Work Place Options .

    We also have a dedicated page on the staff intranet including frequently asked questions, please visit our intranet page (login required).

    Speak Up is our confidential and impartial whistleblowing service. Speak Up will listen to your concern, start an investigation, and if action is needed make sure it takes place. You can contact them on 07785 702 179 or email hp-tr.speakupshft@nhs.net. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am till 5.00pm but you can call or email at any time and they will get back to you.

    What to do if the media approach you
    If you do get approached by the media, please direct them to our communications team – 023 8087 4666 or out of hours: 07017 029238.

    Media on Southern Health sites
    We have had reports of camera crews on some of the Southern Health sites. If you are approached by the media, please tell them to get in touch with the communications team 023 8087 4666 and let that team know.

    What to do if you are a member of our front line staff dealing with the people we support and families/carers affected by this leaked draft review
    We recognise that as front line staff you need to support the people that you care for and their families/carers, and discuss any concerns they may have with the leaking of this draft review. We have developed the following guidelines to help you with those conversations.

    · Assure them that their safety and welfare are of utmost importance to us.
    · Reiterate that people who are using our services have no reason to be unduly concerned.
    · Offer to review their care plan with their named nurse or key worker, who will be happy to sit with them and go through their plan of care and answer any other questions they may have.
    · If necessary, offer to arrange a meeting with the consultant /team leader so they can further discuss any concerns they may have.

    Give them the number of our dedicated helpline that has been set up for anyone directly affected by this issue – 0300 003 0025.

  6. !000 plus PEOPLE died and death not investigated..

    And this is dismissed as ‘not an issue of quality of care’ ? HOW DO YOU KNOW

    My God!!

  7. KATRINA PERCY SEEN IN PUBLIC! I have in on first hand authority that BBC TV door-stepped her house this morning – she apparently came out like a frightened rabbit. I understand too that BBC TV is currently interviewing someone at Sloven but I don’t know who. Keep watching! I understand that there may be a live broadcast at 10.30 (BBC News I assume) but it could be later.

    Congratulations to the Sloven staff member leaking staff circulars: that’s the Duty of Candour in action. I wish he/she had been involved in my complaint.

  8. Latest from Mazars – they are under pressure from the Secretary to State to get the report published quickly.
    Nic – you’re probably right but let’s hope the Board are not going to negotiate her departure “by mutual agreement” – with a large sum of public money. She should be suspended and subjected to a proper disciplinary process – then fired with no compensation at all. I’d take her pension pot off her too – but am not sure if that would be legal.
    What now of her claim of 100% Duty of Candour in Sloven’s 2014-15 Annual Reports & Accounts.

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