Sloven and the snow sweepers


I went to Helsinki this weekend. To catch up with my mate Ulla and her cheeky kidlets. The sea was frozen. There was a blizzard. And on the rooftops workers shovelled snow. Protecting pedestrians from risk of ice falls.

It was fun. It was blooming cold. A different landscape. Frozen sea. Frozen sea. Ice bucket lanterns. Life organised in negotiation/engagement with extreme weather conditions.


In a blink I was back on the coach to Oxford. No snow. My phone working again. A text from Agent T alerting me to papers for the Sloven Governors meeting. Over a hundred pages. I half skimmed them, blearily peering out of the window at the passing motorway. Dull. Damp. Dark. No snow.

Among the jargon filled pages was a statement from a Mencap appointed governor. An extraordinary statement that went unchallenged at the time and was published in full in the minutes (p18). We should take comfort from the gap in training LB’s death has made visible and this could be an opportunity for Sloven to fill this gap. Followed by yet another non apology from the Board chair.

On behalf of the Trust, Mike apologised for the failings in care that had led to Connor’s death”.

I don’t know. I don’t know if Sloven are just uber shite or whether this level of unreflective, stupid, ill formed, half arsed minuted (and agreed?) commentary is typical to most Trusts. I hope the former because if it is endemic we are all fucked.

Meanwhile, a hastily (half) convened gaggle of Monitor/CQC bods with clipboards pitched up to vaguely look at the Sloven roof tops after publication of the Mazars review. Half wagging fingers at teetering snow. Empty gesturing. Missing the point. Deliberately missing the point. Which is almost too awful to contemplate…

It really doesn’t matter that certain people die [die?] early.

[Apparently three Sloven governors resigned at their meeting yesterday. And there is more whistleblowing afoot. Thank you].


7 thoughts on “Sloven and the snow sweepers

  1. Hi Sara – glad you were able to get away. The status of the alleged Mencap appointed governor is unclear. The Trust insists she is so appointed but Mencap insists she is not! She was challenged – by me heckling but I suspect hecklers are not minuted!

    No governors resigned actually at their meeting yesterday. Three had already resigned in writing before the meeting but of course the reasons were not announced. Pity they didn’t have the balls to do so (and explain why) at the meeting.

    While you were in Finland (try Iceland next you’ll love it), I was suffering man-flu – having sat through the ‘Bored’ meeting from 09.00 hrs to 13.00hrs, I left 10 minutes into the Governors’ meeting – my brain wouldn’t take any more.

    I will post some notes on my blog about the ‘Bored’ Meeeting and let you know once I have done so.

  2. This made me cry today,I’m staggered beyond belief that any human being could make such a statement to take comfort from the gap in training LB’s death made visible and this could be an opportunity for Sloven to fill this gap. No comfort for the family, us and other service users.
    Surely they should be openly register their disgust at what happened and be thanking Sara as the mother of LB who exposed the poor care , the only comfort is for other organisations to stand up and be counted and say SH is accountable and for service users is to see CEO to be held to account., As a family with a current service user lack of appropriate training is evident for those staff being asked to do a very skilled demanding job.

  3. It looks like Mencap, are using this, as an opportunity to gain more income/capital if buy out, by solving the problem with their training courses.

    The Downs Association, did the same, in the Bradfield press, in their comment on Thomas Rawnsley’s horrendous abuse of Thomas in his supported living, this was interpreted, as a lack of training, see my penultimate blog post.

    All, is used to the advantage of those, that have caused all these deaths, directly or indirectly, and it is all about making profit, albeit, if charity, it is recycled.

    We also now have USA Canada venture capital, buying into the LD market, and I noticed, MENCAP, has in last two years, told off at least two of its training colleges, so venture capital, obviously envisage growth in this area.

    Our vulnerable children, are merely commodities, for corporate, and now venture capital, with smilely, cult imagines, but deadly practices.

    For an idea of the money to be made read this and the one after on the billions to be made

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