What the foodles?

Rich sent me a link to this story this afternoon. The Star Wars production company, Foodles, is being prosecuted on four criminal charges by the HSE for an incident in which Harrison Ford broke his leg. A year after LB died. He died.


5 thoughts on “What the foodles?

  1. It stopped me in my tracks when I heard it on the news, how can that be when no accountability action taken against an organisation that let Connor die in their care!

  2. Is it that the LB inquiries are classed as Civil actions which only involves compensation. If you want judgment, sentence and punishment you need a Criminal action under the Corporate Manslaughter act involving Corporate Negligence, brought to court by application to Criminal Prosecution Service.

      • The issue is/has been for many of us, that legal aid is not available for most situations. Litigation must be funded; and if the compensation for proven abuse and neglect is likely to be small, for reasons of existing disability/LD, we were advised, and is well known that legally Publicly funded Org will drag out such claims for years. Lawyers refused us. Criminal injury is very difficult to prove I was told.
        We were told by all these solicitors if the damage and proven long term neglect done to my son had happened in same way to a member of the LA staff, the award would have been SUBSTANTIAL, but they all refused us for reasons above.
        I read the other day that a care assistant got a five figure sum for not being provided with shoes to stop her slipping on an icy path.

  3. The key to the Harrison Ford incident is the investigating authority – the Health & Safety Executive, not the police. At

    NHS Ayrshire & Arran Health Board was successfully prosecuted on the grounds that they:

    “Failed to identify environmental risk control measures in the form of anti-ligature devices and fittings for the purpose of reducing the risk to patients with a propensity for self-harm or suicide and failed to provide a physical environment and fittings with the result that such measures were not in place and patient was able to form a ligature and attempt suicide by hanging to his severe injury and subsequent death.”

    It is unclear from the case summary if the patient passed away and also the fine £67,000.00 seems miserly and costs were not even awarded to the HSE. However, It may be that the Health Board mitigated the fine by pleading guilty. Nevertheless, the defendant ended up with a criminal conviction.

    You do not need to employ solicitors to report a case to the HSE – no more than a victim of crime has to employ solicitors to make a complaint to the police.

    Perhaps some of us should get together and make a joint complaint to the HSE. I’m up for it!

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