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A short post. I read this extract from the latest Sloven board minute papers last night and had one of those moments when I couldn’t see the screen for tears. James should not have died. Mike Holder wrote to Katrina Percy in 2012 detailing the safety concerns he had. These concerns were ignored. The CEO and board didn’t care.

Mrs Younghusband should not have to go to a NHS Trust board meeting to say the unspeakable.

There is a clear and incontrovertible link here between corporate decision making and James’ death. And the slimy Sloven bastards tried to stop Mrs Y from taking civil action by limiting the time she has to act.

The lack of action by those who should be acting (Monitor, Department of Health, NHS England, CQC, yawn-di ya-di da) makes me wonder when most of the principles guiding the NHS were ditched? Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is no part of a National Health Service I recognise or believe(d) in.

Board meeting

9 thoughts on “Questions from the public

  1. “There is a clear and incontrovertible link here between corporate decision making and James’ death.”
    Then you’ve got a case for the “Directing/Controlling Mind” requirement for criminal action under the Corporate Manslaughter/Negligence Act

  2. I asked questions at this meeting too. The Board avoided answering them completely! I’ll detail these on my own blog and post a link here then.

    Also, at 6.6 of the Minutes The patient extolling Southern Health’s services wrote subsequently:

    “I can see now that last Tuesday was probably an exercise in damage limitation.”
    “If I ever feel let down by the NHS again I would probably fund my own outpatients appointments with the priory as they’re exceptional.”

    This not sound like someone, who has confidence it the service. In short, she was cynically set up as a publicity stunt: fortunately the press were noticeable if only by their absence. Her back story about Southern Health is horrendous but I am currently bound by confidence.

  3. It is absolutely disgusting the Katrina Percy is still holding on to her position. I don’t know how she can sleep at night! She should be told to leave immediately. How can it be that she is still there!! And what is so frightening is that she says ‘its not just Southern Health’! Britain has no right to point the finger at other countries atrocities when ours are seemingly so easily brushed under the carpet. And the very organisations that should be asking our services to be accountable are so completely useless!

  4. I think kp is still in post, with close colleague support, as if she goes, they think they will be the next to go.
    I guess there is still a lot more to come.

      • It has been interesting and sad to watch brilliant senior staff leave since 2011 as they could not fit in with KP and her followers.
        I confess to being initially very impressed with her. In her first week at the trust she spoke at a conference where patients and staff were giving presentations and attending.

  5. I can only imagine the reason KP has not fallen on her sword is because she believes that Sloven’s lack of scrutiny regarding the care of people with LD and mental illness is common practice across the whole of the NHS. She is not going down unless they all go with her. The NHS knows this and so does the government.

  6. Have the government no control over the NHS ?

    Of course they do. If they want to, they can force her resignation, or indeed, any ones.

    They can even take over the management of the trust..

    But, if they do, it will be completely privatised, as is their objective for mental health services.

    And, under a commissioned by them, monopoly privatised provision of mental health services, there will be even less accountability for services to the patient .

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