Goggle box and the Mazzwot review

imageA student, Andrew, came round on Saturday. From Yorkshire. He’s doing a pre-university diploma in media and is making a short film about what happened to LB for his coursework and to raise awareness among the students at his college. He was sensitive, quiet, thoughtful and careful in setting up his equipment. In conducting the interview. It couldn’t have been an easy task.

Yesterday Liz (who brilliantly maintains a spreadsheet logging all mention of LB and #JusticeforLB, together with easy read/more accessible versions) noticed that the (approved) CQC November board minutes reported that LB died through misadventure. The CQC Trustee she raised this with immediately apologised and said he would make sure the minutes were corrected. (The full jury findings can be read here… [Howl]).

Sloven, as regular blog followers will know, recorded LB’s death as natural causes in their board minutes a few weeks after his death. Minutes that have never been corrected.

Maybe some people reading this will be thinking

Bloody hells bells. Give it a rest, you lot. Banging on about tiny details. Christ. We’ve enough on our plates, trying to do our jobs with less and less dosh. More and more figures to produce, boxes to tick, vanguard type activity to bufferoo. Jeez…

But this stuff is important. It’s deeply important to us how LB’s death is reported/recorded officially. To state he died naturally, or through risks he took voluntarily, is wrong. But it’s of importance, or should be, to all of us. The minuting and approval of inaccuracies by public bodies raises various overlapping questions/concerns.

Most obviously, how? How can such inaccuracies be noted, written, approved and published? Is the detail so inconsequential? Is the process of interminable meetings and equally interminable minutes a hollow, meaningless process? How many people – in the official chain of leading, acting, communicating and doing – are simply slumbering on the job?

Why are the minutes inaccurate? Are they typically riddled with inaccuracies or are these inaccuracies related to particular assumptions/prejudices? The old learning disability goggles filtering out anything to do with certain people as irrelevant. Un-noteworthy. The Mazars review found hundreds of deaths similarly discounted, ignored, brushed aside.

The response to the Mazars review – eh? The what? M? Mazzwot? – further illustrates and underlines this inertia, this disinterest. The lack of care, concern and disregard. Why bother to keep accurate minutes when an independent review of your practices revealing deep rooted failures at board level is brushed aside? There are no consequences.

And what does all this say about the regulatory processes/bods that flit, fancy and dance around NHS Trusts? Clearly knowing they’ve sort of got power that they ain’t ever going to use? A grotesque kind of playground hopscotch where everyone is simultaneously covering their eyes, pocketing the best stones, rubbing the chalk lines away and guffawing over what a great playtime it was in the kids toilets and staff room. Going home to reconstruct the, at best, deep slumber or unsavoury practices they generate, indulge or witness to their loved ones and friends.

Slumbering continues possibly because most people aren’t rendered invisible. And couldn’t imagine being imprisoned in a room, fed through a perspex hatch for nine years, at a cost of £12,600 a week, without the weight of the state sweeping in with the justice batten. They couldn’t imagine having one of their kids drown in a hospital bath. Or locked up for 10 years for no crime other than a lack of appropriate support in the community. But the continued silence around these atrocities is… what? I’m almost out of words.



9 thoughts on “Goggle box and the Mazzwot review

  1. Sara. The minutes 5 days before Thomas death say his mother said he had a cough. Our contemporaneous ones ( learnt that word since doing this evil work and to get our minute taker in every time) say far more than that and more serious. Three sets of lawyers in a room, minutes came after his death. I’d say something more about that but waiting for the inquest. No Mazars isn’t going to be brushed under the carpet, it needs to be a class action. Emma said she was going to contact you last week? I’m not just saying this but I was witness to someone they were going to allow to die. It took hell on earth to get that decision reversed. He’s doing brilliantly now. You know why they were going to let him die! The complaint has been met with thank you we will learn from it! I think not. We are going to take this as far as it goes. They thought he’d done well getting to my age with Down’s. Not dying but they were going to refuse him food and water. What a way to die! No it can’t happen can it. We are not going to let this happen.


  3. Sara

    Headless chickens clucking in SH board at present I bet.

    They have always been able to just walk away. Big noisy shit mistake and compo is likely?, hand to solicitors ? Any other business. End of meetiing, hands swiftly swiped. Always. always….., before. Easy. No shit and no fan.

    If , just any old routine avoidable death or injury of someone old or with mental illness, or a learning disability well, they (family), are on their own and are all too knackered from caring and new misery, to fight long …if at all , just ignore. ‘ em, they will move on to Ombudsman etc etc , tires ’em out all eventually. Always has.

    Any other business.? Coffee any one ?

    Not any more.

    The game has changed and we are no longer walking away all alone, done and defeated, for we are now all together.

    And KP et al, WE,,,,,,,,are standing on your tail

  4. Inaccuracies are a modus,

    Standard letter of attention by professionals, and records of when they actually see their patients are often just phone consultations but appear as actual sightings.

    Documents follow the modus, they want, ie evidence of neglect and parental incapacity and death from natural causes, if in state care, not neglect or enforced drugs.

    All is a cabal from inception, all work from the same hymn sheet to blame anyone, but their own systems, and achieve their purpose.

    Notes are not seen, and when they are under subject access, they are not made accurate, corrected.

    And, are never proved on investigations, coroners court or in the Court of protection.

    The state control what goes into all records and documentations, and then, as with Paula Rawnsley, make the parents prove neglect/abuse, and disprove incapacity and neglect as parents.

    There is no one writing/speaking the truth, as they act in a cabal, and are not allowed to..

  5. I must stress that if at all possible make sure that anything that is written by professionals about your loved one is correct at the time of writing. Whatever is written down can come back many years later and used as evidence to back up a decision made about your loved one.

    When my son was 17 he was in hospital having a hip operation which required him to be in plaster with a pole between his legs to keep his hip in place. He was in hospital in a room on his own for nearly 3 months. During the end of his stay he began to get very stroppy towards me. This was completely out of character, because he was always very gentle. He was not stroppy with my husband or the doctors and nurses, only me. He was stroppy with me because I was there every day doing the nurses work He could not move from his bed. He was bored. I did not know this at the time but it went in his notes that he was behaving oddly while in hospital. Well, I do not know about you but if I was confined to bed and could not move for nearly three months, I do not think i would be singing zippity-doo-dah every day. I am sure there would be times when I would explode with the frustration of it all. My son because he had LD was not allowed to act like any other seventeen lad would react. However this report of my son’s behaviour has popped up 25 years later in report to a neurologist that my son’s mental state was under question then and is not because he has been taking AED’s for 25 years and not because his quality of life has been damaged by the closure of his centre where he enjoyed mixing with his peers and not because of the cut backs of the services since 2007.. . .We must not lay the blame on any one else. The blame lies with the person with LD.

    • The problem I have found Pauline, is that this is impossible, as I inferred in my comment.

      I have complained about lies, inaccuracies in core assessments and even if changed and returned, another professional will arrive, and by their questions, or assumptions, you know they are relying on this information uncorrected.

      My daughter’s 48 bruise restraint in 2011, was not concluded by the safeguarding as self harm, and it inferred on records this was extremely unlikely.

      Yet, on a continued complaint about it in 2013, a meeting was supposedly held, although we were not invited, that in answer to our complaint concluded it was all self harm.

      Again when the NHS assessor arrived in 2015, she referred to my daughter’s severe self harm, eluding to this as tis is the only real incident of self harm.

      This serves the state, cabal/state purpose to portray my daughter’s behaviour as severe, as possible, to maximise medication, and the income private providers can claim for her ‘care’.

      It can also cover up actual abuse.

      And is very dangerous for my poor daughter, and her future treatment.

      The state act together from a grib sheet, discussed and pursued in secret, which we cannot change, because we have no power to, and because they do not want us to.

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