Light in the shed

I wrote an ‘opinion’ piece for the Guardian about the latest Bubb stuff this week. Loftier heights than this blog without the swears really. I’m flagging it up here because I’m chuffed they asked and beyond delighted it’s had so many shares and brilliant comments. Learning disability hitting a mainstream groove. About bloody time.

Today we’ve an extended family trip to Brighton. To watch 12 Angry Women at the Brighton Dome. Edana Minghella, one of the 12 commissioned writers/artists, has written a short play and composed a song about LB. Her script and song are simply spine chillingly brilliant. And devastating.

Yesterday, Edana was on BBC Radio Oxford talking about the play. [From 10.48 mins here]. Having walked past an Eddie Stobart lorry on the way to the studio…

eddie stobartTurns out Mark Attlee who plays Kenton in the Archers is the Generic Official Person (GOP). I don’t listen to the Archers. But Edana nails the contrast between the chilling interjections by the GOP (a lukewarm brew of Sloven, NHS England, CQC, Monitor, Oxfordshire County Council, Department of Health, coroner) and the love and humour that is part of many families’ everyday lives.

A photo from rehearsals yesterday.


So LB will be on the stage tonight. Nearly three years to the day he was admitted into the unit. A big old hanky moment. But how blinking cool?

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