One way wriggle to the moon

The big shocker (and there were were several) during LB’s inquest was the revelation on Day 4 that a patient died in the same bath as LB in 2006. The Responsible Clinician let it be known, through her counsel, that she had been actively discouraged by members of Sloven senior management from raising the issue of this earlier death. In the same bath…

Ground spinning stuff. Sloven revealing new depths of odious deceitfulness and an astonishingly relentless determination to not be open, honest or transparent.

It transpired that two staff members were on site and involved in the response to LB and the earlier patient’s death. And (at least) two other staff members worked at the unit in 2006. I wrote about this a while back.


How this patient’s death was not mentioned to the police, the coroner, the HSE, Verita, to us, until this reveal on October 9 2015, is just, I dunno. I’m running out of words.

He died of natural causes apparently. Though this was simply guesswork. There was no postmortem or inquest despite him being only 57 and fully expected to come out of the bathroom alive that day…

At points like this I almost expect (hope) my keyboard will spontaneously combust. The utter wrongness of what I jab out on the keys, over and over again… Wrongness and repeated wrongness. With no glimpse of right or just ever happening.

Today we got a letter from the coroner. I’ve been a bit of a champion of the coroner but my champ tokens are running out now. He said at the end of LB’s inquest he would ask Sloven to explain why the first death wasn’t disclosed earlier. I chased him up about this a few weeks ago. [Note: You have to chase up everything. No one in authority volunteers anything.]

He replied:

I received an apology from the trust in December and an explanation that there was no active decision to withhold the information and that it was simply the case that the matters known to the trust did not suggest that there was a real link to LB’s death and therefore it did not occur to the trust to inform me. As I say, this is the explanation received from the trust. It should have been raised earlier.

Wow. Simply just wow.

‘Simply the case’… ‘No active decision’? Matters did not suggest there was a real link? The same bath. A seizure. The same staff present? No real link? Oh, and active discouragement from raising it…

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust are arrogant/deluded/I don’t know what enough to defend the indefensible even after the Mazars review findings are public. How could this person’s death not be relevant? And who are they to decide whether it is or not?

What sort of monstrousness are we dealing with here?

The coroner finishes with the statement:

I am afraid that I am unable to assist or comment any further due to the fact that I no longer have any legal jurisdiction once a case is concluded.

So Sloven should have raised it but they didn’t. Hey ho. Nothing like a bit of one way wriggle room to the moon. Cards stacked clearly in favour of the system. Against people/families. A simple siloing which enables every official to pass the buck. My bit is fine. I’m ticking the boxes involved in my role. And I don’t have to look at the bigger picture.

Until the various players/actors involved in or associated with this almighty mess are prepared to step up and act, we may as well chuck in the towel.

Here’s a thought. Why not give stepping up a go?



10 thoughts on “One way wriggle to the moon

  1. They function like secret societies. No one in these secret societies ever gets punished no matter how badly they behave. To manage public services like secret societies is wicked.. To single out a group of citizens as not worthy of an inquest if they die unexpectantly in our hospitals is also wicked. This is a national scandal that needs addressing. Where is the free press? Not so free now it seems.

  2. It is unbelievable but I expect now it will have to form evidence for a different court
    These awful situations take years to eventually have any real justice
    I think of Steven Lawrence, Rocky from Norfolk and those kids with Thomas Cook, the woman accused of killing her two babies by a deluded expert , the family whose kids were adopted on false evidence never to get them back Ruined lives
    10 years of trying to get justice
    Just awful

  3. So, when are very vulnerable, are taken away for’ treatment’, or’ assessment’, in an NHS hospital be it private, or public.

    We have no rights to protect them, and the state have a duty to, but do not uphold it and we cannot enforce it.

    They do not do even have a duty to protect them from dying, let alone to’ treat’ or ‘assess’ them.
    Yet, they are paid a minimum of £4,000 per week for doing so.

    Why ?

    Gone are all the duties of the state, to even investigate deaths, let alone abuse, of our most vulnerable.

    And, when/if, on the very rare occasion, they do, the death is fixed ,to be from ‘natural causes’.

    Gone is the law.

    We cannot sue in negligence, the system has made it impossible. Nor can be get the true cause of death.

    As ,It is an inquisitorial system, that is fixed in favour of the state.

    We therefore in the UK, now have, if we include supported living, literally millions over the past 10 years, who have died and/or been abused by the state, and nothing has been done.

    And billions of public money has been spent on this.

    And, this continues today

    Not even the deaths, and details of how recorded.

    Abuse simply does not happen in state care.

    It simply does not happen, and if with great difficulty, discovered, covered up, by self harm etc, and white washing investigations and gagging, and there are no prosecutions, at best an itinerant, zeo hour worker, is ‘sacked’, when he is not employed anyway..

    Not much comfort, for all those parents with children with LD/ASD/ epilepsy, or the many hidden disorders, who are daily forcefully removed by MHA section, or MCA deprivation of liberty order, for life.

  4. I don’t think we have a life after my case was so badly covered up by clown at #phso #gmcuk #cqc the POLICE had me in for 2 day with a solicitor and i had to name every 1 on my case witch is down as 2nd degree murder i have been put on high risk next the POLICE called back to my home say they want nothing to do with my case is this what we call RUFF JUSTICE

  5. Yet another day when my mind boggles (wrong word – it goes into freefall) to have to accept such discrimination. Much worse than discrimination.Again God help us and our sons and daughters

  6. those that gave a damn have had plenty of time/ opportunity to act but they have clearly fallen silent now. Negligent care is acceptable across all regulatory bodies and broad agreement after investigations is a certainty. Regrettable decisions are acknowledged but no one must be held accountable. No real prospect of challenging registrations an inevitable outcome from the GMC/NMC. The person that drowned previously was suffering from malnutrition, that much information at least emerged, does anyone have anything to say on that subject ? Didn’t anyone think an inquest was called for ? Did anyone try and speak up then ?

      • And, we would not even be aware of this death, if Connor had not died, and there had not been so much investigation.

        How many more are out there, hundreds, thousands, and they continue today to be abused and die, unseen, for ever unknown.

        Even their families, possibly not even notified, if they have been excluded, but even if they are, they will not know how their loved one suffered and died.

  7. Finola, we wouldn’t know about LB either, had his family not been so on-the-ball. Don’t forget that the Trust put his death down as ‘natural causes’ within a day, and it was only the second (family-requested) post-mortem that noted signs of an epileptic seizure. If LB’s family hadn’t been prompted to ask for that second PM, the ‘natural causes’ assumption would have become a finding and there might not even have been an inquest, let alone an Article 2 inquest.

    And if LB hadn’t had a lot of virtual friends and very real well-wishers via the blog, there probably wouldn’t have been anyone able to give that prompt, in touch with Sara.

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