Just imagine

Just imagine. Nearly three years after LB died. After two ‘independent’ reviews by Verita were published. After the police closed their investigation into LB’s death because they couldn’t find any evidence that linked the Sloven senior team to the crap provision at STATT. After a two week inquest…

Just imagine you get sent a previously unseen document, anonymously, via My Life My Choice. A document which shows that Sloven knew that the provision on the Slade House site was crap in August 2012. Nearly three months before they took over the Ridgeway provision.

A Quality and Safety Review, conducted as part of the Governance Work Stream. That details lack of clarity in care plans, risk assessments not updated or appropriate, issues with RiO, lack of assessment from the wider team, dirt, lack of maintenance, crap about Mental Capacity stuff, and so on. And so on.

August 2012.

So everyone knew it was shite. Nothing was done about it. And our son died. He died. 

And Sloven buried the document.

Thank you to the person who sent it.

I think we’re back to corporate manslaughter territory.



15 thoughts on “Just imagine

  1. I have been looking at Lesley Stevens testimony at the Inquest. She has been the Clinical Director for Mental Health since 2010 at Sloven although appointed to her current executive role in July 2013.

    Response to Adam Samuel’s question on staffing levels being reduced “Well we make savings where we have to make them” seems pretty damning.

    Also the jury asked some important questions relating to this leaked document.

    Jury question: In 18mths running up to @Southern_NHSFT taking over what work was done
    LS: There was a great deal of due diligence done by @Southern_NHSFT ahead of takeover; quality director spent a lot of time in STATT
    Jury: did any of those set any alarm bells ringing
    LS: Not around STATT

    Perjury has to be considered here.

    • Perjury is relevant in respect of dishonesty in Court (including Inquests) but a better option might be Misconduct in Public Office.

      This offence is not limited to dishonesty in Court. It can include dishonesty and other types of misconduct by state officials in other situations: it might extend for example to Sloven directors misleading and being dishonest with families of deceased patients and other complainants, including by withholding documents. In my opinion, it is also easier to prove than (for example) criminal negligence.

      Create your own tick box using the definition of the offence and the charging standards on the Crown Prosecution Service web site: http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/l_to_o/misconduct_in_public_office/
      It is illuminating to say the least!

  2. Absolutely – they need to be held to account. Shameful, shameful Sloven. Be assured so many of us are still 100% behind you guys.

  3. Stomach churning and haven’t a clue what to say
    It has to go to lawyer
    That’s got to be public knowledge
    I didn’t get it on facebook so needs to be different there or might get passed over Sara
    Sick corrupt devastating

  4. I have endless RESPECT for your battle Sara and endless RESPECT for our sons lifes & memories. Its been over 10 years since my lovely son (“!was found”)died at West London Mental Health Trust (WLMHT) and during the ensuring period I have written to just about everyone! “Lessons will be learnt” they say, yet WLMHT can’t tell me what they have learnt since “finding my son fatally wounded” & sending my sons possessions back to me, in a black bin liner marked “NHS Household Waste”.I have a feeling an IMPLEMENTATION policy is needed!! BTW I had a meeting recently with Dr Mike Durkin (NHS England Patient Safety Director) and when asked: “What exactly does Parity of Esteem mean?” he actually said “Its just a catchphrase, which means different things to different people!!” I couldn;’t help comparing it to INVESTIGATIONS and PATIENT SAFETY. You are amazing Sara and what you/we are doing is vitally important…..it is in our sons memory and justice will prevail!
    LB must be in “don’t mess with Mum” mode! RESPECT!!!!

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