Another sordid little tale of failure

Sloven have shut the psychiatric intensive care unit at Antelope House for 8 months. Reported in the media last week. The board papers published yesterday provide more detail (around p72).

The closing of these beds mean patients who really should not be, will be shipped to a unit in London. To a unit that ‘needs improvement’ according to the latest CQC inspection. Yep. Closing shite provision and shipping seriously unwell patients to sub-standard provision. Extraordinary.

The board papers describe how a ‘tipping point’ was reached:


To the extent the Deanery raised concerns about the quality of Antelope House as a training place for Junior Doctors…. Deep breath. Hold on to something solid.

Sloven run a unit that isn’t a fit space to train doctors.

How can any NHS Foundation Trust run a unit that is not considered a fit space to train doctors?

What about the safety and wellbeing of the patients?

I suspect Deanery concerns led to the sudden closure of the ward at Antelope House. The CEO/Board could clearly ignore the 4/5 year of failings publicly documented over the past 3/4 years. Lives lost. Non lessons learned. Inquest after inquest after inquest, failed CQC inspection after failed inspection and the Mazars review.

Deanery rumblings and concerns around junior doctor training (with implications for Vanguard membership) generates ‘action’.

As my brain, again, slowly, slowly melts, I (easily) stumble upon a news report about Antelope House from September 2011. Yep. Really.

A report on failings identified during the inquest of a patient in 2008 and a recent (2011) failing CQC inspection report. Risk assessments not updated,                                                                                                                                                inadequate records, lack of training, etc etc. The same old same old failings. Identified over and over and over again. The then Medical Director, Huw Stone, long gone (sensible guy), did the old learning lessons spiel:


Mr Stone, back in the day, 14 months before Sloven took over the STATT unit LB died in, said all care plans and risk assessments were now reviewed. Extra checks were conducted on standards of care. And further made up blarney. How any NHS exec can stand in front of the press/coroner and say these empty words when the lives of patients are at stake is beyond me.

No other words really.

I just wonder.

  1. How those who should be doing something about this continue to look the other way/slumber despite documented failings.
  2. How those around those who should be doing something about this, allow their colleagues, family or friends, to continue look the other way/slumber despite documented failings.
  3. How those directly implicated look the other way/slumber.
  4. When any of the the above will realise that we will continue to document this shite for as long as it takes.



1 thought on “Another sordid little tale of failure

  1. From Dee Speers: Extraordinary lack of humanity……and I wonder if their children were in the same place would they be happy?
    Hpw come sauce for goose and sauce for gander differ so much.
    Come on Sloven, you are in the position to challenge this, be brave and do so please!
    We are all fed up of empty words and paper promises…….we need to see real change!

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