Seeing and doing different things…

Caught up with a mate’s son earlier who used to take LB out on a Saturday when he was at college and LB was about 11/12. He was a quiet guy, thoughtful and kind. They used to go down to town on the bus and typically wander about a bit then sit in a cafe on the High Street, eating cake and watching the buses go past. One day he went with LB to London for the day. Lashing rain, the Science Museum and a much loved trip on the Oxford Tube. They had an easiness in each other’s company.

Now, aged 32, and living in Oz for the last five years, he chatted about some of those outings. Bit of a blub moment. Especially when he said he’d seen things he wouldn’t have seen and done things he wouldn’t have done. Yep. That.




2 thoughts on “Seeing and doing different things…

  1. Unlike you Sara, we saw and heard a lot of similar things on Tuesday – at Sloven’s Bored Meeting. However – one bright point – the look on Not-so Smart’s face and his body language on hearing a pointed and pertinent statement and questions from CRASH – available at:
    He looked as if he were about to explode but (perhaps due to NHS Improvement having rebuked him, albeit mildly, for his past conduct) the volcano did not erupt!

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