In search of rights and colour…

Came across some serious craftivism this evening. Mind and the Drunken Knitwits (among others) set too on the Radcliffe Camera. A welcome distraction from the continuing non action by those who should.

Left me thinking about plans for a bit of a #JusticeforLB shindig later this year (not quite confirmed) called In Search of Rights and Colour. Involving people, human rights, commitment, explosions of colour, love, brilliance, enthusiasm, stitching, passion, double decker buses and a pilgrim path.


Drops of brilliance.

4 thoughts on “In search of rights and colour…

  1. Sara – forgive me for leaving this comment on your blog but I’m not active on twitter although I do follow your twitter feed. I’ll understand if you want to delete it. Have just seen your discussion on twitter regarding the financial mismanagement at Southern/NHS England. The NHS in Wales is devolved and the Welsh Government have made a point of trying to avoid the marketization and neoliberal structures that have been imposed in England. Yet the financial idiocy continues here as well. The North West Wales Trust was such a mess that it was abolished – yet the managers who were responsible for the disaster that was the North West Wales Trust were simply given new posts in the new Betsi Cadwalader Health Board – at their previous salaries. The Betsi Cadwalader Health Board is now in special measures – why are we not surprised? A quick visit to the Health Board’s website reveals a photo of the Board members – and there’s a photo of the notorious Martin Jones, the former CEO of the North West Wales Trust, the man responsible for threatening and harassing me when I approached the Welsh Govt regarding the chaos in the mental health services. There was also a lot of public anger in north Wales when Trevor Purt, the last CEO of the Health Board, resigned after yet another scandal and returned to England to work – it was revealed by the local media that the Betsi Cadwalader Health Board would be continuing to pay his substantial salary whilst he was working in England. None of us ever managed to work out that particular arrangement. We may have a Labour government in Wales that maintains it is committed to the public services, but the excesses of new public management have clobbered us badly as well…

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