A justice ‘pilgrimage’…

It’s confirmed. A celebration – Of Rights and Colour – organised by Learning Disability England will be held on December 2 in Aviles, Northern Spain.

Truly, truly spectacular…

It wasn’t long before talk in the Justice shed turned to walking the #JusticeforLB bus and flag to Aviles from Santander in readiness for the event. A bus made from cardboard boxes by the Boumelha family for 107days of action.Β And a flag that has graced two Glastonbury festivals and travelled as far as New Zealand via Sydney (meeting People First, Dunedin and the NZ Disability Rights Commissioner among others) thanks to Katherine Runswick-Cole, Rebecca Lawthom, Dan Goodley and families.

Along the Northern way of the Camino de Santiago.Β We’re planning to set off on October 25 and cover the 150 miles in around 12 days. George Julian, Agent T (my sis) and me so far [anyone is very welcome to join us on part or all of the route]. I think it’s fair to say we ain’t brilliantly fit. And our vague convos so far around how to get the bus from A to B are along the lines of the odd “Maybe we should strap it to a backpack” to “Pull it along on a trolley?” type exchanges on twitter…

But whatever. It will be a remarkable and deeply powerful experience. A time to reflect. To laugh, cry and rage. And maybe make some sense of what has happened over the past three years or so.

Of rights and colour. And love.


13 thoughts on “A justice ‘pilgrimage’…

  1. Oh my word
    I’m thinking of Spain and I love Aviles and the 25th or thereabouts is a time for another nothing like your reason ( big birthday) time
    You might find me there! I’ll be found in some bar no doubt hopefully with the little blonde Aussie!

  2. I was only talking to someone this week who did the Camino de Santiago earlier this summer. They walked the full pilgrimage (around 500 miles) from France doing 25km a day which remains an extraordinary thought to me.

    May it be a ‘remarkable and deeply powerful experience’ for you all. My thoughts will be with you.

    • Hi Nic, we’re just waiting to see what, if any, funding is included from the Learning Disability England work then will think about crowdsourcing funding or possible sponsorship to enable people to come along. πŸ™‚

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