Unpacking the Smart move

Blimey. Does anyone know what’s going on? Record breaking levels of absurdity… I recommend watching Broken Trust which was shown last night on BBC South. Just contrast the contributions of the families, public, rebel governors with the performances by Percy and Smart. [A limitation to the programme was it didn’t shine the spotlight on the other, good for nothing, crap execs and non execs (Gordon, Grant, Stevens, Spires and Bezzaman and co) but it was only 26 minutes long…]

To summarise where (I think) we’re at (for the next 12 hours or so…) and not spelling out the crapitude both Smart and Percy demonstrate in this film (and their actions).

  • KP is no longer Sloven CEO.
  • She moved into a “new role” at the same salary and without following HR processes and procedures.
  • She moved because of media attention.
  • She then allowed a film crew to follow her for a day and coax utterly reprehensible reflections out of her.
  • She is “uniquely qualified” for this, so far, unnamed new role.
  • We don’t know what those unique qualifications are, but I think most of the UK population following this sordid little tale would agree, they ain’t jumping off the page and really, we should know if there are any.
  • The new role is now not a new role.
  • It’s part of her old job (CEO).
  • Apparently the part that took 1 day every two weeks.
  • She will be doing this new tiny part of her old job for 12 months on a CEO salary.
  • Smart’s definition of corruption doesn’t include lies, cover ups or deception.
  • Smart’s credentials for trouble shooting a failing trust are looking pretty flakey.
  • He has managed (with the apparent blessing of NHS Improvement) to piss on the lives of families shattered by sustained failings over the last five years.
  • It hurts him to meet bereaved families.
  • A patient left Sloven’s mental health services alive [positive end piece].

We are in Laurel and Hardy territory.

Stay classy y’all.


Postscript: In case anyone missed it, My Life My Choice have washed their hands of the Sloven leadership (and feature in the programme). Telling it like it is. You delivered nothing.

4 thoughts on “Unpacking the Smart move

  1. Of course she is uniquely qualified, it ddn;t seem to exist until she invented it as a way of continuing to get paid for not doing what she was originally paid to do.

    It absolutely beggars belief, doesn;t it? We pay people a quarter of a million for incompetence and then daren’t get rid of them and there is no money for proper care.

  2. How is it that Katrina Percy earns more than the Secretary of State for Health (combined parliamentary/cabinet salary of £135,527 at April 2016)? In fact she even earns more than the Prime Minister (combined parliamentary/cabinet salary of £143,462 at April 2016.) Both figures taken from the parliament.uk website. Are her responsibilities greater than the Prime Minister’s? Is more Leadership (with or without a capital L) required of her? I would hazard not, neither as Southern CEO nor as a strategic adviser to GPs. How did we come to this?

    Maxim: No one in a PUBLICLY FUNDED organisation should earn more than the Prime Minister.

    That’s paid for by you and I, good people. And still the NHS struggles for lack of front line staff.

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