A bit of a #CaminoLB update

Planning for the #CaminoLB is crackling along. We will be walking for eight days, with the long walks (around 20 miles a day) in the first five days, dropping to 10 miles maximum for the last three. [25 Oct-3 Nov].

The Life My Choice crew have been busy organising or renewing passports today. It looks like there will be 3 (possibly 4) members with two supporters tipping up for the last three days. Excitement is bubbling apparently. My sis, Tracey, is coming for the second week. Rosie Tozer is joining us for the last three days, walking in memory of her son Danny. John Williams will be doing the chunk in the middle. And a few other people are thinking about pitching up at different points. [None of us are big walkers… well yet.]

This whole, random, walking the #JusticeforLB bus across the Camino de Santiago to an exhibition centre in Aviles, has been oiled by the enthusiasm and simply can do attitude of the Learning Disability England team (with Spanish support). They not only organised the Justice exhibition, on December 2 in Aviles, which kicked off the whole thing but have stepped up to offer lifts, blister mopping, scouting the route for possible hazards, and the lovely Mariana (and her dog and possibly daughter) to ease our non Spanish speaking way. The bus, for those of you worried about us getting it from Santander to Aviles in one piece, has been carefully and lovingly strengthened by LB’s grandad and now has a nifty tarpaulin bag for those rainy days.

We will be a right old ragbag collective walking along the trail, in search of rights and colour. Remembering LB, Danny and the others. Carrying a cardboard bus. And hopefully having a bloody good laugh.

Pics from #CaminoLB training.

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