Hoovering stuff and traces…

Having a long, very overdue, clear out. It’s an odd one. Bits of LB stuff under, or in, so many piles, boxes, drawers. Tugs, wrenches and memories from the past interrupt the work of sorting. Pulling out one bookshelf reveals 10-15 years or so of a thick fluff. [Sorry]. A strangely soft, dark grey, uneven terrain. Somehow and randomly coating the top half of the skirting board. Sort of gross. But bits of LB. Of Chunky Stan. Of all of us…

It was gone in seconds with the hoover. Traces disappeared.

Odd photos and pictures have turned up. I don’t know who’s with LB in this prom photo (now on the fridge). It’s a school pic. And I’ve not deciphered his film announcement below. The cast includes Dan, his beloved dentist, and Tom, who may be Tom Chaplin from Keane or bro Tom. Depending on when it was produced. He’s rubbed out some of the drawing which was unusual. Or maybe I’m trying to wring too much out of these drops of magic. A way of being with him again. Fleetingly.

LB stars and directs, of course. His casual confidence on display in both pictures.

I smile, cry, chuckle, rage and feel enormous and unchanging love. I bloody love that boy.fullsizerender-15


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