Raising a large glass of something…

Received a lovely Crimbo email yesterday which made me – blinking back those pesky tears – think, yep. We’ve rocked this gig. All of us. Here’s an extract from the email and some ‘highlights’ of the year:

I hope you all get a chance to reflect on your achievements this year:

  • real justice for Connor – forcing the NHS to acknowledge their failings and removing the CEO who set the culture that created so many problems for your family;
  • the prospect of real, meaningful change for so many other people within the NHS, in particular the families who’ll now expect so much more from the health service;
  • a new (albeit extremely belated) conversation about the lives of people with learning disabilities, with at least a path being set for how they can get closer to being treated with equality and respect.

There are undoubtedly many battles you’ll still want to fight, and plenty of people who need you to fight for them.  But I hope that over a large glass of something, you appreciate that you really, really are achieving Justice for Laughing Boy.

Jan: Campaigners and the gingers attend the Sloven Board meeting.
Feb: Jeremy Hunt meeting with Rich, Deb Coles and Andrew Smith, MP.
Mar: 12 Angry Women, Brighton, featuring ‘A Mother’s Song’ by Edana Minghella.
Apr: Mike Petter, Sloven board chair resigns; Simon Hattenstone wrote about LB in the Guardian mag; the CQC issue another warning notice to Sloven; revelations of Sloven financial irregularities.
May: Rebel governors meeting
Jun: Performance of A Child of Our Time, Warwick University; debate about Sloven governance in the House of Commons led by Suella Fernandes.
Jul: Talentworks  ‘Going Viral’ and exec salaries scandals hit the news.
Aug: Katrina Percy steps down from CEO into a made up post on the same salary.
Sept: BBC air Broken Trust, about Sloven failings; Tim Smart, interim Board Chair, resigns; Chris Martin removes the Talentworks website and pulls out of the Sloven contract.
Oct: Katrina Percy  resigns with a £250k pay off. The made up post remains unfilled; #JusticeforLB, Deb Coles and Charlotte HaworthHird win a Liberty Human Rights award.
Oct-Nov: #CaminoLB wondrousness.
Dec: Publication of the CQC Deaths Review; #JusticeforLB exhibition and day of celebration, Aviles, Spain; the GMC refer LB’s consultant to tribunal; the Health and Safety Executive appoint counsel to get specialist legal advice on complex points of evidence.


Here’s to LB and all the other dudes who were (and continue to be) let down so badly.

9 thoughts on “Raising a large glass of something…

  1. You have taught me so much. There was just loads I didn’t get. I am a parent of a kid with ld. Your campaign has triggered in me a huge thought process about my daughter which is powerful and positive. Thank you so much

  2. You’ve inspired other Sloven victims to continue their fight for Justice, Accountability and Equality – both as individuals and in groups. NHS England’s CEO is alleged to have told an ex-Sloven governor, “In all my time in the NHS, I’ve never known patients manage to remove a Trust director – and you down there have got rid of three.” Possibly we can only take credit for two – Mike Petter was ‘used’ we think a sacrificial gesture – but WE HAVEN’T FINISHED YET.

  3. Thankyou for your courage and progressive thinking in the middle of all your agony, for creating this website.
    This is a battle to protect the helpless, that we take into 2017.

  4. Thank you. For all that you and your family have endured to change things for all of us.

    Before you there was no one to tell. No one listened so no one heard..

    Hundreds of us – all of us alone- disrespected – bullied- treading the same – all crawling so wearily up the same stony bureaucratic path to nowhere – pleading for years to the people who did it.

    Banging on their door – the only door they let us bang on. Politely. Respectfully.

    Just calling out – expecting eventually if we just kept asking – and found another door. Round and round the same provided by them path – only seeking – for justice for our hurt loved ones.

    But no cared to answer us – for they knew they did not – do not – need to.

    And they could do it again. To another mothers son or daughter. Because they can.

    But you have made them listen to us – to us – to all of us. For this must end.

    So many, so many. Of us and ours.

    Bless you Sara.

    Have a really really really good one xxxx..

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