A whistle stop catch up…


Been writing like a batshit from hell since Christmas. Weekends and evenings, just thundering away on the keyboard in the back room. Bess often keeping me company on a cushion by my feet. Sometimes not. The book contract is being thrashed out. I’ve pretty much reached the proposed word count; it’s a question of trying to make a tale that doesn’t typically float many boats, into a page turner that grabs attention and makes the likes of LB (Danny Tozer, Nico Reed, Thomas Rawnsley, and many more) human.

I’m on it, with remarkable support.

Other stuff that has been happening (in random/(reverse) order…)

  • The NMC only communicate gibberish so fuck knows.
  • The GMC tribunal date for Dr M has been set for two weeks in August.
  • The HSE are hoping to share further information in the next few weeks.
  • We’re getting an update from the police on Friday evening.
  • David Harling is in the final stages of his fourth animation… this one will include voices… [howl].
  • Caiolfhionn Gallagher was sworn in as a QC this week. Something so unusually right, something so deserved, and so blooming reassuring in terms of the ways in which she will, undoubtedly, continue to use her ferocious intellect, human rights expertise and extraordinary empathy to fight/right as many wrongs as she can in her waking hours.


2 thoughts on “A whistle stop catch up…

  1. Intense effort happening there 🌼🌷
    The amount of writing (and e-mailing) I think we all do in our parallel lives, fills volumes of books. Lots of space at home is filled by my writing each day or week of every year, during the years of my loved person’s life without family.
    The diaries I wrote when he lived with us, were full of hope and pictures of normal things and previous efforts. Ha! When I thought there’d be linear progress.
    The different worlds needed to work with each other. No research comes close to what is written from conviction.

    My notes are usually only read back by me – because they’re often evidence of those (who don’t want to read) not having done what they were paid for.

    Your book sounds like a milestone.

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