A tale of two releases

A Bermudian journalist, the only independent journalist on the island, popped up on twitter this week, tracking down details of the recent announcement that St Andrews Care (who were the subject of the documentary, Under Lock and Key) are going to ship patients from Bermuda to their ‘care’. He published this story.

Here is the original news release published by St Andrew’s. Tiny type, sorry.

St A bermuda news

And the revised one after the press started to get interested.

St A bermuda news 2

To save you squinting too hard at them both, the main differences are:

St Andrew’s has achieved a ‘new first’, not by winning ‘an [sic] contract to provide care to forensic patients’, as originally stated, but by ‘by being selected as a preferred provider to support the Bermuda Health Hospitals board in providing care…

Bit of a difference, raising questions about what is actually going on between St Andrews and the Bermuda Health Hospitals Board. And whether there is there any scrutiny of these negotiations.

The sentence about Bermuda being a small island with limited resources and people with mental illness being held in the island prison system has been removed.

Mmm. Probably best not bite the hand that feeds you. The original statement suggests that, possibly, there may not have been much consideration of the tender process, context and history on the part of St Andrew’s.

Instead of the the ‘contract being awarded at the end of February’, the story has changed to ‘contract negotiations are now being started’.  Puzzling. How these dance steps are being played out between the Bermudian system and St Andrew’s, outside of any apparent transparency,  engagement or public consultation is chilling.

The second press release drops any mention of three patients ‘set to travel to Northampton as part of St Andrew’s Men’s mental health pathway, with up to nine patients due to join St Andrew’s in the coming months’. I’m relieved this is currently disappeared. The way it was written sounded like the first three patients and the subsequent 9, were coming to join some sort of corporate team building exercise. Not wrenched thousands of miles from homes and families they will, more than likely, never see again. I’m sure it won’t stop this happening but any reflection on and consideration of what is being plotted can only be a good thing.

Finally, the statement from the Executive Director of Nursing and Quality has been revised. The opening sentence about ‘bringing the charity income from new sources’ is deleted. 

Income from new sources… Before the health and well being of these patients. Extraordinary. Since when did a massive charity need new income? Given the gargantuan salaries of the exec board and this latest money spinner, the Charity Commission should be having a bit of a snifty around this bunch. I can smell em from here.

7 thoughts on “A tale of two releases

  1. Goodness, this news does surprise me. When I was on Bermuda, all services like mental health and rehab were provided by America. Many clients went to rehab centres in Orlando etc. I wonder why Bermuda has decided to switch from American based to UK based provision. Strange indeed.

  2. How ?

    Can any hospital or ‘charity’, described repeatedly at best as not very kind and well below competent, be promoted to expand locally and internationally, at the detriment to more local, cheaper, kinder and more competent care …..?

    How ?

    Can any hospital or ‘charity’. be continuously commissioned by LA’s and extremely generously funded by the NHS, when the reputation and the care support options on offer by the ‘ charity ‘or hospital, are feared….by so many desperate families ?

    Afraid so.

    A Poirot needed…please…..?

  3. Since when did a massive institution need new income? Possibly ‘since it took a punt on further centralising services and built a ginormous extension so that it now needs paying bods to fill its empty rooms’? Just a thought.

  4. The parent company that owns my son Martin’s resiential care home in Cardiff is an investment company Ludlow Street Healthcare, based in (guess where) the Virgin Isles

    • If anyone knows of a journalist who is investigating St Andrews can they let me know?

      At some point between 1997-Feb 1999 a man died on Grafton due to blocked intestine caused by Clozapine (Clozaril). They give horrendously high doses of drugs to patients in this hospital and use multiple antipsychotic combinations.

      There is the case of the autistic young man who suddenly stopped being autistic and became mentally ill so different legalisation could be used to exclude family.

      Example of drug doses; 575mg Clozapine and 20mg Olanzapine everyday for psychiatric symptoms brought on by menstrual cycle. I have the documentation. There are also other cover up factors involved.

      Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health Act are at complete odds with Human Rights Act!

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