The pigeon in the chimney

Nearly two weeks ago now, we had a pigeon in our chimney, in the bedroom. It took ages to come down, bringing years worth of chimney shite with it. The fireplace has one of LB’s bus pictures in front of it and once it landed, the pigeon just calmly poked it’s head round the side of it. Rich was ready with a cloth to catch it and release it out of the window. It did a massive loop around the houses then flew away.

Ten minutes later, the Health and Safety Executive rang. They said they will be prosecuting Sloven under Section 3 of the Health and Safety Act. Tears. The following day, Fran rang. She had been at a meeting with Oxford Health and commissioners where it was confirmed that, after quite a battle, the Slade House site would remain with Oxford Health. She said there were tears. More tears.

Jim Mackey, NHS Improvement, told Andrew Smith, MP:

“Southern Health will not receive a cash consideration and will record a non-operating ‘loss’ item in its accounts.”

I think that’s pretty much it now. Other than a shindig at the Oxford Magistrates court when the prosecution is held.

Thank you. I think we all did a bloody good job, as Connor would totally expect.

16 thoughts on “The pigeon in the chimney

  1. Excellent result after all you have had to do in your sons name. He would know you would do that and you’ve done it for him. No wonder there are tears. Floods here too

  2. Congratulations doesn’t seem quite the right word after all you’ve been through to get to this point, but what a vindication after your tremendous fight!

  3. And SHFT have apologised to you personally, for permitting the acid hail of personal attacks on you, throughout ?
    Probably not..

  4. Oh Sara, what a fantastic and tenacious pigeon! You are the most remarkable mother. You, and your family inspire me and so many people through your relentless commitment to Connor throughout this perverse battle you are forced to fight.
    On Monday I gave a lecture to 2nd year social work students about Connor. They were shocked, angry, upset and very sad. These students are fantastic. They asked me how it was possible that no one had been prosecuted for Connor’s death. I told them I could not explain this, and I hoped there was still a possibility that this would happen. I told them that if they remember nothing else, they must remember what you said in the Tale of Laughing Boy, and make sure that they practice in the belief that ‘everyone has an imagined future’. I really hope that they do.

  5. Well done Sara – I hope there’s a very large public gallery in the Courtroom and that the prosecutor will summons the key characters in this corporate failing even if they have left the Trust (one down and one to go!).

    Sadly, there’s just been an Inquest about another epilepsy related Southern Health death – – looks like Consultant’s playing God with medications that are known to lower the threshold for seizures.

  6. raising the concern of compromised patient safety today didn’t feel like a complete waste of time. Decision to prosecute applauded at no cost to those who do no harm. Your loss remains as devastating as it ever was or will be obviously. Herculean effort by you and yours that will safeguard others ( is already ) Love that bird.

  7. A long time ago I wanted to say how tragic this situation was . But my post came out all wrong and I am sorry for that. But moments like this are so hard to articulate . A deserved moment for your perseverance and the fact that none of you gave up trying to fight for justice . But a moment that never should have happened in the first place. And I hope that those who have left the trust will somehow be held to account as well.

    • It’s always so hard to articulate, Jan, because you wonder why you’re having to explain any trauma to this nth degree, losing strength, sleep, questioning your own sense of reality – when you need strength. When the people that should be coming to you, make you write endlessly to them.

      This is my experience even without death.
      I can’t imagine actual death. My son dying would be so colossal, I wouldn’t have faith in anyone, or I’d become deeply religious and detach from this rat race meaningless world.
      People are feeding on each other like in the Matrix. It is stuff of nightmares, where people in charge are anaesthetised and won’t see or feel others’ situations. Not all do this. But we need to get some balance back.

      I wrote a comment I regretted as it was too blunt. In my culture, we demonstrate our grief openly – it is hard to write without the tone I want.
      But Sara, you do it well. Your talent has helped you to defend LB.

      • Oh you are so right.

        So many of us are living half lives because the people paid to care and support –
        harm our sons and daughters. Then they take the rest of us from us, while they cynically disrespect our concerns and us – they ignore then dismiss our respectful approaches and then dogged attempts – to just reach them – then …to we beg them…. to just listen..and, to ‘please, please improve things’.

        Those of us whose son daughter did not die, but who live on damaged by these organisation cultures; cultures blind and deaf to us – led by people who do not see us as or our beautiful boys and girls, as human ….far less as peers.

        And when we find just enough left in us, to keep on going and challenge them – they attack us – mum or a dad ….rip us..hard..and they leave us with our souls bleeding.

        But we cannot give up…we keep on, all of us …we do it all alone.We just have us.

        And then their skinny reluctant apologies … for causing the most abominable damage and injustice . can be translated as, ‘f..k off ….and stay away’.

        Sara bless you, for your fortitude and your keeping on..keeping this long and hideous journey…. for your beautiful boy xx.

  8. Well done Sara, you’ve brought about action. Now the population of north Wales need to ask why there have been no prosecutions there, considering that the mental health services and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board are every bit as bad as Southern…
    Will the corrupt and dishonest GMC take any action against anyone regarding Connor’s death I wonder?

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