Under giant trees…

I don’t blog much any more. I’m off work. I don’t have the concentration to do much more than play candycrush, sort through stuff and graze social media. I’ve become a half arsed, flakey version of a Stepford Wife. Rich gritting his teeth when I brightly suggest that if we wipe the top of the cooker daily it will remain clean.

My days are strangely unfilled with little and so much. 

I listen to this, over and over again.

Haunting and magical particularly from 3.16.

Richard Handley’s inquest has been live tweeted this week (@Handleyinquest). A cheeky chappy surrounded by love and a family effectively excluded from the work sadly needed to keep him alive. A tale of barbaric and inhumane failings.

The overlap with Connor’s inquest is harrowing. Blame shifting, lies and an absence of remorse. Richard’s mother brutally and unnecessarily questioned at length.

I bought a bag of wool and crochet hooks. I need to learn to hold, hook, turn and gently pull through wool though woollen hoops and loops. I’m watching a ‘crochet for beginners (left handed)’ youtube film. It takes practice apparently but the basics are clear:

“Move your crochet hook under and over the yarn, and then pull it through.”

I do this. Listening to Under giant trees.

‘Always make sure patients with epilepsy are within sight or sound when bathing.’

‘Make sure Richard has a healthy diet (plenty of fibre) and monitor bowel movements…’

Under, over and through.

Clear and simple instructions.

Giant trees. 3.16 is the best bit.

3 thoughts on “Under giant trees…

  1. This feels so dreadfully sad and hopeless. Sara, I think of you often and send you a big hug. Every time I see an Eddie Stobart lorry I think of Connor and the negligence that took him from you, then the heartless way you and your family have been treated by peoplee whose very remit should be to care for those suffering. I hope you find some form of peace. xx

  2. I have no words to express how bad and sad this makes me feel…… sending you the hugest hugs and strength with apologies for all the crap the system has doled out without thinking. Some of us have listened and learnt.

  3. My Bleeding Heart Swims In A Sea Of Darkness.*

    “When will I break away the chains to my heart?
    My bleeding heart swims in a sea of darkness
    Hope is not lost

    Swimming to save my life
    My bleeding heart will never die
    I won’t succumb to the darkness
    Watch as I break away the chains to my heart
    I will now embrace and weather this storm

    Swimming to save my life
    My bleeding heart will never die
    I won’t succumb.

    * Australian metal core band, ‘FEED HER TO THE SHARKS’ 2010 album “The Beauty of Falling.”

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