Dancing around death…

Ben Morris, the STATT unit manager, was suspended for 12 months today at the beginning of the Nursing and Midwifery Council hearings. He admitted 17 charges and ‘accepted his fitness to practise as a nurse is impaired because of his past, serious misconduct’. I read the consensual panel determination (a 43 page document capturing the charges, admission of guilt and the now typically late to the table remorse) over the weekend.

More pieces added to the map of we’ll never ever know.

Morris offered no explanation as to why he didn’t do the things he should have done (other than ‘working’ beyond his skill set). He didn’t blame anyone.

The shadowy figures of clinical commissioners and Oxfordshire County Council dance around the edges of these documents. Again.

Quality reviews screaming ‘ACT NOW’.


Why the fuck didn’t you do something?

No engagement. No interest. No care.

Hollow, brutal and public erasure of humanity.

#Leder review



3 thoughts on “Dancing around death…

  1. Sounds so familiar to me and all this yet to go through. What was glaringly obvious to me and others I was with didnt ring alarm bells loudly in ears which are paid to listen and hear and eyes paid to see a deteriorating culture, where happiness has been sucked out of people’s lives. Professionals and people trained and equipped with the knowledge that the joyless, dark lifestyle in that house was breaching human rights and was a prison, walked in, walked out and remained silent. A few made noises but never loudly enough to stop the impending catastrophe. The blame for leaving cruelty to flourish lies as much with them as it does with those directly on that frontline.

  2. Surely LA’s are culpable, where an avoidable death happens in a care home or ANY institution that theyhave commissioned – to care for and support people – for whom they have STATUTORY DUTY OF CARE,

    Surely just as culpable as as they/LA’s are/should be – when avoidable deaths and or accidents happen in a building that they own – or through faulty repairs that they commissioned ?

    Why are all complaints of deadly or faulty Care by LA’s shunted over to the LA Ombudsman – to die another death.- silently. ?

  3. So Ben Morris, “Accepted his fitness to practise as a nurse is impaired because of his past, serious misconduct” Past, serious misconduct? So if he was recruited for STATT, why didn’t they make enquiries about his past employment or, if the past, serious misconduct actually took place at STATT, why was he allowed to carry on running the place?

    These questions demand an answer – not that I’d hold by breath waiting for one!!

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