Kark and Percy

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have a Fit and Proper Person Test (FPPR) process to review whether senior NHS bods are fit to practice. [Sorry about the acronyms and jargon here… Just typing ‘fit and proper person test’ makes my finger tips weep.]

I referred Katrina Percy, then Sloven CEO, to this process in 2015. Mike Richards, CQC Head of Hospital Inspections, ‘missed’ my email. After some chasing he said there was no doubt about her fitness to practice. Case closed.

Jan 2016 and unfitness evidence was stacking up. I referred her again. No reply from Richards. At the end of Feb I tweeted about the lack of response. He emailed saying:

Dear Sara, I apologise profusely for the fact that I must have missed this email. I know that this is not the first time this has happened, but I have absolutely no recollection of having seen it.

No? Mmm. That’s interesting. Percy is a prolific ‘absolutely’ user in communications.

Then nothing. I chased up the referral in March, May and at the end of July. Tim Smart, interim Sloven board chair, decided Percy had done nothing wrong around that time and the referral disappeared. Absolutely nothing to see here.

Why am I raking over this old billy bullshite?

The Kark Review

Tom Kark QC was asked to review the FPPT earlier last year on the back of a review by Bill Kirkup [keep up]. The review which has allegedly had a bit of a tasty journey to publication was published yesterday. A refreshing read in terms of sense and straightforwardness. And so, so chilling. I shudder to think what, if anything, might have been stripped from it. He presented a picture of what can only be called corruption. Three short extracts:

Agreed ‘vanilla’ references? Eh? Really? Is this common practice in the NHS (or wider public sector)? Deceit and incompetence wedged into senior layers while candour and transparency are bandied about like a [fuck you] hope carrot for the rest of us herbs.

Breathtaking hypocrisy.

Two of the seven report recommendations were accepted by the government before the shutters shut. Kiosk Keith styley.

Meanwhile, Percy’s new role emerged on twitter.

And I learned that ‘vanilla’ biographies are also a thing.

Global CEO, Ryalto

Global CEO, Ryalto.

Grotesque spin and reinvention.

Delivering operational turnaround of services… leading organisations through transformational change. In March 2018 Judge Stuart-Smith, sentencing the Trust, referred to the ‘dark years’ of Sloven and issued the largest fine in the history of the NHS.

Designing a comprehensive leadership development and culture change programme. ‘Going Viral’ was an almost comedic (although of course it wasn’t) ‘thing’ which cost about £5million in public dosh. The proof of (this ‘leadership’ programme is) in the pudding as they say. Earlier today Sloven were in the news again for failing services.

The pudding was shite. It simply didn’t work.

She now heads up the global team at Ryalto. A quick google reveals a tiny UK based company with a website light on detail.

Global team my arse.

HSJ awards are not shining here. A money spinner for the Health Service Journal. Self nominated nominees and Trusts shelling out big bucks for the black tie drenched reveal gig. At the same time producing dirty little numbers for the vanilla biog and reference filing cabinet. Glittery tat for bolstering failure drenched narratives.

Not a good look @HSJEditor. For so many reasons.

Percy has taken monstrous to a new level here. Providing a contemporaneous example of the grimness laid out in the Kark review. A failing exec covering up her history without compunction or check.

She’s not alone of course. All those who protected her, bolstered her or looked the other way over the years have a right old stench on their hands too.

Maybe one day these people will have the guts to properly reflect on their actions and non actions. I blooming hope so.

7 thoughts on “Kark and Percy

  1. I am lost for words. How people like KP et al, get away with it is beyond my capacity to understand it. I just wonder if it is that I am just too naive to understand how people play politics. That KP has her hands literally covered with blood and still gets to be defended and protected by some. Literally WTF!?

  2. I have similar experiences with a GP practice and two NHS Trusts. . They all cover for each other. In many cases as with the PHSO , executives come and go each of whom have dubious backgrounds to say the least . We live in a cover up culture where the ones in high office look after each other and worst of all Parliament allows them to continue with their cover ups and corruption

  3. Percy’s audacity certainly knows no bounds! Well done on “You and Yours”, Sara. What a pity the deaths of 1300 people get less airtime than an advertising feature for Chinese wine!

  4. The NHS holds noone accountable for any mistakes, negligence etc. It’s all buried and deleted from records once a person is basically murdered. Thier improvement of electronic records only benefits them, not the TRUTH. PERFECT EXAMPLES OF FRAUD AND ABUSE.

  5. Notably, Percy is not using this name in relation to Ryalto Ltd. Companies House records show her using her married name – KATRINA SARTI.

    Conversely, in another company – BELFORTE LTD – she still uses her maiden name. I wonder if this is legal – one of the purposes of the Companies House Register is to identify what other directorships are held by individual directors. Using different names defeats this.

  6. There is an iceberg of silent pain from damage done through avoidable mistakes and or incompetence – in both LA’s and NHS.

    Only the tip of this is showing – for most people are too deep in anxiety, or grief – are unaware of any route to real relief – the truth and or accountability, when the worst happens.

    LA’s seem free to avoid all responsibility where their people fail. The ‘pass the Leader’ revolving door is well oiled. And the LGO ”does not intervene in HR issues”.

    But – what are NHS Trust’s Chairs and Non Execs doing? They are there only – to ensure effective Governance – and when necessary to bring the whole Executive to account ?

    They have full powers to hire, examine and fire Execs. – but currently – they do/dare – not.

    If they try to do their real job they can be bullied out – or have a very short tenure in the Non Exec role. Well qualiified people who try to do the job can leave very speedily – in despair.

    A rigorous look – at why LA’s can skip so comfortably over their accountability to their Communities, and why NHS Non Execs are such toothless cogs – in the Governance wheel – is needed – asap……


    • As well as Non-Executive Director, the acronym NED has a medical meaning: NO EFFORT DETECTED (applied I assume to patients in a coma or worse). Easy to confuse the two!

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