The tannoy

I was shopping in Ikea with little sis, Sammy Seal, when an announcement came over the tannoy; ‘Would Sarasiobhan please make her way to Customer Services. Sarasiobhan to Customer Services’.

‘OMG! This is it! I’ve won a prize!’ I said to the Seal. ‘Whoo hoooo!!! Probably the millionth customer, or maybe the billionth globally!’ She didn’t seem overly excited as we went to find Customer Services. Would it be a cash prize or a supermarket sweep type jobby, I wondered. How funny. Five minutes ago I was an ordinary shopper, now I could have a lifetime’s supply of Billy bookcases.

‘I’m Sarasiobhan’, I said to the woman at Customer Services. ‘Oh’, she replied, ‘You left your purse in the toilet’.

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