The mystery of the couple and the baby

Another totally random happening. I’ve reconstructed it using soft toys, because again I didn’t think to take a picture at the time.  Mind you, they might have got a bit angry if I did.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was at home with all the windows open.  I noticed a car pull up on the pavement in front of our house. A couple got out with a baby and came into our front garden.  I went to open the door thinking they were calling round for some reason.  Instead of coming to knock on the door, they sat down on the grass. “Oh”, I said. “Er, sorry, did you want something?” “Oh, no”, he replied.  “Ok, I just wondered what you were doing?” I said, totally puzzled.  “We just came off the motorway and my wife needs to feed the baby”, he replied.   

I went back in and shut the door.  How weird is that? We live at least 10 miles off the motorway and there is a public park directly opposite.  When I looked out the window, they were getting back in the car and drove off.  Mmmmm… I thought.  That was very fishy, maybe I’ll let the police know in case there is some naughtiness going on round here.

I called the local police station and spoke to a woman pc. She could barely stop laughing when I told her what happened.  Eventually (I think she put me on speaker phone at this point) she asked me if I thought they were going to toilet. Toilet?! “Why, is that quite common?” I asked.  “Well, it was just an idea”, she said, as there were huge guffaws in the background.

Alternative view (but with the windows shut instead of open)

Credits: Thanks to Grandma for knitting Sacboy.

Postscript: When I took my stunt doubles back out for second photoshoot I bumped into our builder neighbour. He said they loved us as neighbours and wouldn’t lob a poo over the fence. When I explained the context of the soft toy situ, he said he was working in a house in North Hometowny. He went downstairs and found a man wandering around. He asked him what he was doing and the guy said “Oops, sorry, wrong house”. “Nah mate,” neighbour replied, “You mean right house, wrong time”. 

PPS: There has been a lot of discussion about this story. I thought I’d start a poll..

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