The Eddie Stobart Story

These posts aren’t in a chronological order, so this probably won’t have the resonance it should. But random is good (sometimes). Laughing Boy came into the kitchen tonight and said “Thank you mum for phewddryfhddndfhrrhsssvvbnrtt”.

Whoa!!! Wha?? LB initiating a conversation? Unprompted? That isn’t about a need (toilet, internet access, maintenance of routine…) This is amazing. A “thank you” opening??? What are you saying LB????

“Hey, what did you say?” I asked. “Thank you mum for phewwdhhjjttyyinnnggmmdedddrt”.. Ok. We need some punctuation here (he he he), some more vowels and a bit less speed.. “Tell me again, slowly, LB, what did you say?” After lots of ‘phewarrrrr’ statements, we got there;


Tissue time again. Where did that spontaneous thank you come from?

The Eddie Stobart story. Britain’s best loved company. One of those constants that has become part, such a part, of family life without us really noticing. LB has had countless lorries for birthdays and christmas, was a member of the Eddie Stobart Fan Club for several years and remains an ardent Stobart spotter on a daily basis.

He appreciated me telling him about the recent Stobart family news. Enough to initiate a “thank you” conversation. That is random. But good. Especially from a 16 year old.

7 thoughts on “The Eddie Stobart Story

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