Shepherd’s Bush

This is a bit of a saucy one, so be warned…. Richy Rich and I were coming back from London on a very busy bus, one Sunday morning. We were both listening to music on headphones and chilling out, when the bus stopped at Shepherd’s Bush. Richy leant across to me and said in a very, very loud voice; “Have you ever had a shepherd in your bush, dear?”

Very funny. Very embarrassing. Very entertaining for the top floor of the bus.

A couple of years later we were driving through Berkshire countryside, on our way to watch Derren Brown with Ullamatey and Jorun. Richy pointed out where he used to be a shepherd.  The penny dropped.

Credits: special request for J.

1 thought on “Shepherd’s Bush

  1. I wish you could hear me laughing. It reminds me of an old boyfriend “have you got any Scottish in you?” “no, Russian, Polish, German but not Scottish” “well, do you want some?”

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