The accidental comedy genius

Laughing boy has been called LB for many years now because he is very funny, without any sniff of trying to be funny.  It’s a mystery, but very, very entertaining.

He also does a cracking job at impressions. Some endorsements from his teachers on the Pupil of the Week sheet; “Your Mighty Boosh impression will stay with me forever. Brilliant”, “You are so funny, LB, I think you’re great!” “If I could elect anyone to be prime minister, it would be you. You make me laugh”. Awww. Funny boy.

A while ago he went down to town with the Big G (grandad). On the bus on the way back, he started talking about a tropical disease he had. “Oh,” said Big G, “that sounds serious”.  “Beriberi serious”, replied LB, gravely.

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