LB, Bollo and the voices

Had a bit of a scare a couple of years ago.  LB’s teacher wrote home in the diary that LB was hearing voices in his head. We just dismissed this as ‘that’s just the kinda guy he is’, but the teacher and school nurse were worried it could be evidence of underlying psychotic tendencies. They organised an urgent referral to the local psychiatric hospital. Oh yeah, it ain’t a dull ride having a dude like LB.

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A crazy-dude free world

Vince and Howard from the Mighty Boosh

Ok, here’s the rub. You’ve bought tickets to see a show in London (a costa-del-armandleg jobby).  Three rows in front, a young geezer does impressions of the gorilla, Bolo, from the Mighty Boosh in a very loud voice every few minutes*.  The person next to him makes a show of saying “Shhhhhhhhh”, but this is more to appease the increasingly irritated people around them, than any expectation that he’ll watch the show quietly.

So, should they leave so that everyone else rest can watch the show in peace?

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