LB, Bollo and the voices

Had a bit of a scare a couple of years ago.  LB’s teacher wrote home in the diary that LB was hearing voices in his head. We just dismissed this as ‘that’s just the kinda guy he is’, but the teacher and school nurse were worried it could be evidence of underlying psychotic tendencies. They organised an urgent referral to the local psychiatric hospital. Oh yeah, it ain’t a dull ride having a dude like LB.

By the time we got the appointment, a couple of weeks later, LB was very into having voices in his head and looked forward to seeing a psychiatrist to discuss them.  We pitched up at the very secure setting, got beeped through various doors and waited in a room with a two way mirror.

Psych guy and several other people turned up. Psych guy, bless him, was about 12. LB launched into his ‘what’s your name and where do you come from?’ routine. Psych guy answered all the questions, gave him a tour of the second room, so he could look at us through the mirror at us, and then raised the issue of the voices.

So LB, I hear you have been hearing voices in your head”.
“How often do you hear them?”
“All the time. All the time. It’s ruining my life. Seriously ruining my life.”
“Oh dear. What sort of things do these voices say?”
“It was Chiko. Chiko say ‘Bollo go faster’.”


That’s Bollo from the Mighty Boosh!” said Psych guy, trying not to laugh out loud after LB’s pitch perfect impression of Bollo (see here for the real Bollo). “Is Bollo the only voice in your head?”

LB grinning from ear to ear, said yes, again in Bollo’s voice.

Total genius,” said Psych guy, turning to the rest of the group, who looked bemused. “I don’t think we need to worry about LB and his voices.”

Postscript: I bumped into one of the women who had been in the room, a few weeks ago. She said they still talk about LB and his Bollo impression in the unit.

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