Moroccan weekend away: Part 3a

Crazy, crazy days. This is an unexpectedly sneaky early view of the next instalment of this long, sorry tale because I’ve LOST MY PASSPORT AGAIN.  And, I need the number for a passport form I’ve witnessed tonight. After relentlessly looking for the actual passport, I searched for possible electronic records of the number (on old e-tickets, etc). That turned up this email reminding me vividly of the Moroccan weekend away;

Thank you for contacting regarding your flights to Marrakech. 
I have checked our reservation systems, I can confirm unfortunately the flights have 
been cancelled due to a no show on the first flight. 
Please contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible so we can check if 
the return flight can be re-arranged.  
Thank you for using Kind Regards Kelly

No show. No show on the first flight?  If Kelly Expedia had any idea of the events leading up to that no show, she might have personalised the message a bit more.  Something along the lines of; “Hey guys, I am so sorry you left the tickets/passports in the long stay car park. And then found out you were at the wrong airport… And so sorry you ended up having to buy new single tickets to replace the flights you missed. Ring me and I’ll see what I can do to improve your very rare trip away without all those kids and dogs. Love you! Kelly”.

But she didn’t.

So, where are we? After a series of ‘mishaps’ we’ve driven from Heathrow to Gatwick and flown to Marrakech on newly purchased, single outward bound tickets.  We arrived at our riad, skyped the kids who wanted to know what we’d seen so far.

“Er, the riad.”  “But you landed hours ago”, said Rosie.  “Well, things didn’t really work out as planned, Rosie. We’ve only just arrived.” My hysterical laughter kicked in as I struggled to find the words to explain what had happened. Perhaps not surprisingly, given past experiences, Rosie also had no words.  We had no tickets home.  But we were in North Africa.

Credits: Thanks again to Ullamatey for sensible (though ultimately unsuccessful) searching suggestions and to Molly, who saw the latest passport loss as a blogging opportunity. 

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