“Any minute now mum?”

We expected a BT engineer this afternoon as our phone and internet is broken. This had particular significance for Laughing boy because of his love of watching Eddie Stobart lorries, bus and cross channel ferry videos on youtube. I felt like shite and spent the day in bed but at 1pm LB came in and asked what time the engineer was coming. “Ah”, I replied, “Anytime now. They said between 1 and 6pm, so any minute now”. “Any minute now mum?” repeated LB, bouncing off happily.

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The chicken in my soup

I got to the bottom of a tasty bowl of Covent Garden leek and potato soup when I saw what looked suspiciously like a bit of chicken.  “EEEEEK!” I shrieked, “I’ve got a bit of chicken in my soup, Richy Rich!”  “Uh? That’s outrageous”, replied Richy.  Given that I ain’t knowingly* eaten meat for over 20 years, I thought that was a bit of an understatement.  A lot more tasty swears came into my mind, but given that this blog has a more than healthy smattering of swearsies, I won’t include them here.

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The yellow cable

“How can I help you today, Madam?”
“Our internet isn’t working.”
“Ah, can you tell me if your router is working?”
“Well the power light is on but the internet light is red.”
“Madam, can you tell me what colour the DSL light is?”
“Er, it’s not on.”
“OK madam, could you plug the yellow cable from your router to your computer?”
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Moroccan weekend away: Part 3a

Crazy, crazy days. This is an unexpectedly sneaky early view of the next instalment of this long, sorry tale because I’ve LOST MY PASSPORT AGAIN.  And, I need the number for a passport form I’ve witnessed tonight. After relentlessly looking for the actual passport, I searched for possible electronic records of the number (on old e-tickets, etc). That turned up this email reminding me vividly of the Moroccan weekend away; Continue reading