“Any minute now mum?”

We expected a BT engineer this afternoon as our phone and internet is broken. This had particular significance for Laughing boy because of his love of watching Eddie Stobart lorries, bus and cross channel ferry videos on youtube. I felt like shite and spent the day in bed but at 1pm LB came in and asked what time the engineer was coming. “Ah”, I replied, “Anytime now. They said between 1 and 6pm, so any minute now”. “Any minute now mum?” repeated LB, bouncing off happily.

Two minutes later he reappeared. “Any minute now mum?” “Yep, any minute now”. He continued to reappear every two minutes until 6pm. Now I ain’t no mathematician but I think he probably asked me that question around 300 times.

6pm. I called BT. 50 minutes on hold, then it turns out their system was down this morning so the engineer couldn’t make it. This explanation held no meaning for me. Rewind back to 1pm and the answer “Oh, sorry LB, they just CALLED. The engineer can’t make it, they’ll be here on x day”.

Life can be less than straightforward with, and for, dudes like LB, but so often it doesn’t need to be.

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