The chicken in my soup

I got to the bottom of a tasty bowl of Covent Garden leek and potato soup when I saw what looked suspiciously like a bit of chicken.  “EEEEEK!” I shrieked, “I’ve got a bit of chicken in my soup, Richy Rich!”  “Uh? That’s outrageous”, replied Richy.  Given that I ain’t knowingly* eaten meat for over 20 years, I thought that was a bit of an understatement.  A lot more tasty swears came into my mind, but given that this blog has a more than healthy smattering of swearsies, I won’t include them here.

Instead, I decided to complain.  I wrote a letter to the company, including the evidence wrapped in a bit of clingfilm. I half thought about keeping a bit of it in the freezer, in case Covent Garden ‘lost it’, but thought that was probably a bit unneccessary.

A week later, I got a reply with sincere apologies. Extracts include;

The item you found was immediately passed to our Quality Assurance Team for inspection. It was sent off to a laboratory for tests and was found to be a piece of chicken“.  Doh.  There’s a surprise given it was clearly a piece of chicken.

We avoid making meat soup on the same day as vegetable ones. Therefore we are at loss as to where this meat has come from. I can assure you that the vessels are thoroughly cleaned between batches. A full report has been issued to the factory staff regarding this incident and more care is to be taken in future, along with thorough checks of the vessels in between batches. […] We are sorry for the distress our soup has caused you on this occasion and hope that you will accept the enclosed cheque for £20.00 and recipe book as a gesture of our goodwill“.

Well. Fucksie me. £20 compo for a manky piece of chicken that was left in a pipe from the day before and ended up in a soup suitable for vegetarians. Bit crap really.  The whole experience was pretty fowl.

*A very enthusiastic Chinese chef once shoved a fork of chicken into my mouth when I was working as a waitress, but I spat it out.

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