Talking about a revolution

June 11, 1988. The Nelson Mandela Wembley concert was live on TV.  Tracy Chapman was haunting. The following week an ad in the back of Time Out, advertising a trip from England to Kenya. A couple had bought an old Bedford truck and were looking for passengers.

September 21st, 1988. About twenty of us set off from their gaff at Chalfont St Peter.


Fucksie me.

What can I say? How can I even begin to convey a flavour of this 80’s trip?

Maybe some ingredients will be a good start;

space, people, relationships, locusts, spectacular scenery, risk, camel spiders, beer, crime, sex, desert, heat, music, hospital, camp fires, vegetarianism, crap, a duck, fuel, curfews, drinking chocolate, wind, police, boredom, pounded yam, sex workers, beer, rats, a broken limb, pregnancy, danger, shooting stars, more heat and Toto singing ‘Africa’.  Over and over again.

3 thoughts on “Talking about a revolution

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