The truck

All out of Toto lyrics for now. Boy, that is one repetitive song.  Anyway, here is the truck somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

(It wasn’t always wonky like this).

For the geeky, you can see the blue sand ladder attached to the side to get us out of sticky, sandy situations.  Next to that, the trestle tables for that evening meal preparation, behind the tables, the enormous petrol tank, and the little ladder into the back.  Under each brown seat cushion was a space for a person’s luggage. Very special space.

In terms of everyday movement towards Kenya the seating options were;

1. Sit in the back in the tube train.

2. Sit on the roof of the cab on the spare tyre (very bouncy and a bit uncomfortable but Brad – who was a complete sun hound – loved it up there).

3. Sit in the cab with Mike (Arkala) (red trousers and blue top in pic) who did all the driving.

Everyday Mike selected someone to sit with him for either the morning or afternoon stint. I dreaded that selection and would use tactics like a surprise trowel/loo roll combo journey or searching for a missing button on the ground, to avoid being picked.

Being in the cab was like being with some old relative who wanted to know everything about your life and your life with the other people on the truck. I think the poor guy was so bored, always being in the front cab, that he craved every bit of gossip from the tube train behind.  Bit like very early Big Brother addicts really.  When it was about real people.

But then, as Barbra said/signed;

Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?

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