The grind of music

LB loves music.  One kind at a time.  He started with Peter and the Wolf as a pup. Moved briefly to Gary Gilmour’s eyes, the Beatles and then to Keane. Keane were a keeper. We had a good three years with a constant Keane backdrop.  It will be many years before I can hear a Keane track without sobbing. Thinking about the opening bars of Walnut Tree brings me out in a cold sweat.

But then it was over for Keane. Dropped overnight and replaced by drum and bass. Constant tinnitus. Relentless, tiny, teeny, tuneless noise. All the time. All.the.fucking.time.


Mmm.. Yep, we’ve tried that.  He has an ipod which he uses a lot. He spent the whole of Saturday creating drum and bass playlists on it. He now has 134 playlists, each with one song on.  But he grazes around, plugging in D&B before you realise; on youtube on a computer, or his ipod in the docking station. Or he has the D&B so loud you can hear it through the headphones.

Stopping him is like trying to catch the bar of soap in the bath. Day in, day out. It drives me crazy-aceventura bedshaped.

6 thoughts on “The grind of music

  1. That is wonderful that he has a love of music. I had not heard of Keane before … but I have now listened to some of their music. He has good taste. 🙂
    I totally understand where you are coming from in regards to the headphones. My son loves to listen to movies on an old iPhone but headphones would just not be possible.
    Thanks for sharing on Life on the Spectrum

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