LB, art and Tom Chaplin

There is something distinctive and stylish about LB’s drawings. I love em. And I love watching him sit, scribbling away so effortlessly.

School kids

Shoot out

I came across a notebook today in which every page, yep all 120 of em, included a picture of Tom Chaplin, from Keane, or the whole band (Rich, Tim and Tom). This was a moment (well quite a long moment) in time; his obsession with Keane is now over. But still spectacular, especially with the consistent backgrounds of robberies and CCTV.

Hilariously genius.

Postscript: Since I started this post, LB has been revisiting his drawings in the notebook and adding to them. Love him.

The grind of music

LB loves music.  One kind at a time.  He started with Peter and the Wolf as a pup. Moved briefly to Gary Gilmour’s eyes, the Beatles and then to Keane. Keane were a keeper. We had a good three years with a constant Keane backdrop.  It will be many years before I can hear a Keane track without sobbing. Thinking about the opening bars of Walnut Tree brings me out in a cold sweat.

But then it was over for Keane. Dropped overnight and replaced by drum and bass. Constant tinnitus. Relentless, tiny, teeny, tuneless noise. All the time. All.the.fucking.time.

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