My fun life

As usual, in this excavation of my hoarded treasures, what can I say really? Some pages from my ‘holiday notebook August 4-18, 1979’; first holiday without parents at Watermouth Holiday Villas, near Ilfracombe, with big sis Tracey and her mate, and my mate Mandy. I remember having a great time, and (conveniently) don’t remember detailing aspects of the holiday so obsessively thoroughly.

My spending list, across the two weeks, was so thorough I even detailed a ‘jelly welly’ (2p) and ‘bits and pieces’ (5p). (‘Omega Factor’ was the book based on a  tv show, I barely remember). Nice to see my still favourite Double Decker there at a much lower price of course. Food, well that is a consistent theme in my diaries, so I ain’t surprised to see a meal list. I don’t remember a peach instant whip and I’m not sure what a ‘sweetheart’ is, but otherwise, standard holiday nosh. I am surprised, and a little bit shocked, about my daily weather diagrams. I was a laugh riot. Clearly.

LB, art and Tom Chaplin

There is something distinctive and stylish about LB’s drawings. I love em. And I love watching him sit, scribbling away so effortlessly.

School kids

Shoot out

I came across a notebook today in which every page, yep all 120 of em, included a picture of Tom Chaplin, from Keane, or the whole band (Rich, Tim and Tom). This was a moment (well quite a long moment) in time; his obsession with Keane is now over. But still spectacular, especially with the consistent backgrounds of robberies and CCTV.

Hilariously genius.

Postscript: Since I started this post, LB has been revisiting his drawings in the notebook and adding to them. Love him.