Half of Frank Ryan

Had a browse through my old sketch pad that tipped up during the recent loft sort out and came across this gem.

Who is Frank Ryan? I can’t remember. It was drawn during my overland gig across Africa which makes it more mysterious. I google the name and find Frank Ryan, celebrity plastic surgeon who died in 2010 after driving his car off a cliff in Malibu, while tweeting about his dog Jill. (Jill survived with mild injury). Too young to be this Frank Ryan, but a salutary tale about tweeting about the dog while driving.

The only plausible Frank Ryan is the controversial Irish republican.  I deduce this through a vague likeness to the drawing in google images, and then remember a couple of deeply political Dublin boys we met along the way all those years ago.

Why only half? No idea.

LB, art and Tom Chaplin

There is something distinctive and stylish about LB’s drawings. I love em. And I love watching him sit, scribbling away so effortlessly.

School kids

Shoot out

I came across a notebook today in which every page, yep all 120 of em, included a picture of Tom Chaplin, from Keane, or the whole band (Rich, Tim and Tom). This was a moment (well quite a long moment) in time; his obsession with Keane is now over. But still spectacular, especially with the consistent backgrounds of robberies and CCTV.

Hilariously genius.

Postscript: Since I started this post, LB has been revisiting his drawings in the notebook and adding to them. Love him.