A weekend in London

Some are captioned, some aren’t. But they are all in order of happening…

Rabbit treat, Selfridges

The Age of the Dinosaur exhibition, National History Museum. Literally.

Decanting Primark purchases, Oxford Street

Covent Garden, 7am.

Cleaning Covent Garden

2 thoughts on “A weekend in London

  1. God I love London., When the research group moved to the London School of Pharmacy halfway through my PhD, I completely threw my dolly out of my pram and point blank refused to move, the thought of being in London filled me with hate. However fate dealt a hand and 6 months into visiting my group once a month for the shortest period I could get away with, t’husband lost his job and got offered one 30 minutes outside of London, so we sold up and moved. That last year of my PhD spent in the London School of Pharmacy were the best ever. I LOVED the commute into London, the time to read on the train, the walk from the station to the lab each morning, the pub culture, the hustle and bustle, the buzz, the cosmopolitian feeling, the central location and the slopping off for the afternoons down Shaftsbury Avenue or Oxford St or over to Tottencout Road, and the museums, and whats more I miss it. If I hadn;t of had the boys, I would not of hesitated taking a full time job in London. Any opportunity I now return! Great photos x

  2. Yep, I love it too!!! In a way I never thought I would. In the last couple of years, my work’s become a bit more London based and the more time I spend there, the more I love it! Glad you like the photos :)))

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